Science, Logic, and the power of the mind.

Just as in searching for a life-partner, until we begin searching ourselves do we uncover what is needed for meaningful results.

In repeatedly finding gaps and holes in every religious phylosophy I've studied, I started searching for scientific answers. Answers with a concrete and/or mathmatical foundation. The deeper I got into my quest, the more evident it became to me that the mind is capable of tricking us into subscribing unconditionally to whatever theory it is that makes the most sense to us. Getting deep enough into any scientific equation, we still find waves instead of particles or energy instead of mass. 

It might seem like I'm rambling a bit here, but please stay with me while I try to put a pretty bow on the package. I truly believe my findings are relevant.

Great scientists, inventors and phylosiphers have contributed ideas that have helped us understand the world as we know it. (our perception of things).  I.E. If our world was not based on a monetary system, but rather the focus of were more concerned with the advancement of the mind, We would be using the elements of our world a lot differently today.  If Albert Einstein could have completed his relativity experiments, he would have known that the "mass" in his theory was not a constant and could be changed by the focus of waves.  No "mass" has measurable content at the molecular level.  Everything in existance is made up of energy or waves.  Our mind, using limited  three dimensional sensory apparatus, (what we call our senses) is deceiving us in how it reconstructs different vibrating waves to trick us into believing we live in a physical universe.

The universe does not limit our ability to to understand, but rather our understanding limits our ability to believe...  To prove to myself that I wasn't crazy, and that my theory was accurate, I began meditating. Watching my diet closely, and keeping journals.  I keep a dream-state journal and a wake-state journal.  What I've found is this...

While dreaming, I can achieve a higher balance between what appears real and what appears to be thought. What I can't explain is why, after waking from a lucid dream, things appear in real life to be exactly as they were while dreaming. After just a few such instances, I started paying more attention to details.

A lucid dream is actually an OBE or *out of body experience*. 

Still with me?  Good.  Ok so, within a lucid dream, i came across a newspaper, I tried to read the date on the front page with no success the first few times, but revisiting the dream, I could soon make out headlines.  These stories were not current events.   STOP!... I'm not going to claim to be a prophet or anything of this nature. I posess no abilities I believe to be extraordinary or special.  This was all done by focusing my thoughts.   

As I put more of my thoughts and findings down in my journals, I'll post more on the topic. 

Calling me a lunatic is understandable so if you must, go ahead, but I welcome comments and discussions on this topic to help better understand it.

Thanks in advance.

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