Satan & God!

So ... about this Satan bloke ...

I've been on and around the internet and involved in religion one way or another for well over a decade and for many more with religion and a few things have occurred to me.

One of the things we're constantly being told by our Christian brethren is that Satan is the arbiter of all evil in the world but I think what is really interesting about the whole Satan thing is the whole one-sidedness of it all and I honestly don't believe Satan has been given a fair chance.

Let's look at it objectively ... the only evidence we have for the Christian God is the Christian bible. So if we accept that as valid evidence (obviously I don't but for the sake of argument I will) then the Christian God created the world. He also threw out his right-hand "man", Lucifer, to become Satan, created us, sent his son down to take upon him all the sins of humanity and inspired his disciples to document it for us (for which we all are, I know, immensely grateful).

This, bearing in mind this is all based on the dubious assumption that the bible is credible, is all very fine except for one itty-bitty little smidgen of a doubt that I have ... we actually only have this God person's word for it; his own book; the bible. I don't know about you but I can't actually think of a single thing that this Satan guy's actually done that's bad in the world (let alone to me personally). Oh I know that there are those who'll claim that Satan is responsible for disease and war & famine and all that but it's not like they have any hard evidence or anything like do they? Even looking in the Christian bible I think Satan is responsible for killing something like 10 people ... whilst I grant that dying isn't fun for anybody, that's not actually that many, it's like one and a half every thousand years (going by claimed biblical timelines).

What's more we DO have evidence of atrocities carried out by the God person such as the flood, genocide of the Canaanites, rape, murder, slavery and much more ... all by direct action or at the behest of this God! So this God geezer has killed millions (perhaps billions including men, women and children) whilst l'il ol' Satan has killed 10? What's more this God character seems to think he's the only one in the right, that those who died at his hand got their just reward whilst Satan ... Satan what? Satan is saying nothing, doesn't hold prayer meeting to say how great he is or justify his actions; hasn't published a book ... and yet ... Satan is the bad guy?

Given that the Christian bible is supposedly the word of or inspired by what is, by his very own account, a mass-murdering scumbag who would you believe? Looking at it objectively, it would seem that the person known as Satan may be taking the higher moral ground and staying well clear of this particular argument ... most of us know that the better action is, if possible, to remain aloof and "above it all". Perhaps, despite the Christian God's publications (or propaganda), Satan is just a nice bloke who just wants a quiet life?



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Comment by Kyle Wilkins on January 20, 2012 at 2:35am

Good read. I have never thought of looking and criticizing this part of the bible. This will give my very religious buddy something to think about. god just had more money in his campaign ads then Satan did at the time.

Comment by Jared on January 20, 2012 at 10:58am

Kyle is on to something here... God had a Super Pac... Satan did not.

Comment by Michelle Stiles on January 21, 2012 at 2:15am
I fully agree u make a verry good point


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