She believes in holy days
She believes in being afraid
Carrying her bible everywhere
Constantly she finds her eyes in the sky waiting for something to appear
Thinking if I stay in line I’ll be fine
Thinking that she doesn’t want to be confined
To a place where she can’t rest
To a place where her family members will forget that she exists
Her performance is based on threats and imprecise promises
When she was a child
Her parents said aloud that Heaven would keep them all together forever
Now she thought hard
As a child why would she disregard what her parents that she loved said
How would she think that they would lie to her instead
It wouldn’t have made any sense and so that is her defense fortified in her head
She believes because they told her to
She believes because if she didn’t want choose to
Her family wouldn’t see her again after her end
With a threat like that
It is hard to check facts
And see what the meanings had in them to find
Afraid that even to question in her mind
Rejection and isolation could result for all time
More than a time out for generations
There was no time to choose because god is waiting
Jesus could come back tomorrow with transportation
She could find herself in a bad situation
Her mom and dad said that if she wanted their hands forever
God and his book of words was the best way and believing would be so clever
She would escape the fire for those
Who don’t do exactly like they are told
Oh yes there is punishment for being bold
Without question your life should be sold
Everything happens for a reason she thinks
If she doesn’t feel it in her spirit she won’t blink
Saying that she doesn’t know everything but in the end
Her god will explain it and then they’ll be best friends
Makes so much sense
She won’t be on the wrong side of the fence
Payday she gives her ten percent
It comforts her through the hell she already knows
To the point where she is so very careful when she picks out her clothes
That doesn’t look Christian she says
It looks like it is for Satan’s followers instead
She reads it and agrees
Don’t resist and it will appease
She prays without ceasing on her knees
Full of confidence that if something happens she is safe
She walks with her head high holding a key to her wanting space in her heavenly place
Carefree waiting to live after she dies
She walks with a smile confident that she’s living one of the few good lives
So she ignores those she walks past
It’s such a shame they’ll burn she thinks but I’ll be home at last
My heavenly father will check his book of life and see to that
He’s so amazing
My faith will never be taken
And there goes another saint on our pavement.

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Comment by Edmond on January 27, 2011 at 1:41pm
Wow. Do we even think about why we do what we do anymore?


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