Billy Graham and many, many other Christian people get together to host "Rock The Fort." A convention full of Jesus-lovers that takes place on America's military bases. Now, you would think that the separation of church and state would apply here but good 'ol America ignored that part and funded the event. 


From Rock Beyond Belief


"Over $100,000 of government controlled funds (both appropriated, and non-appropriated) were spent on the Evangelical Christian event. Dozens of Soldiers worked on the event during the duty day, many for over 6 months. Many organizations called for the leadership at Fort Bragg to cancel Rock the Fort. They didn’t.

Instead, they released a statement explaining that they wouldn’t be cancelling the evangelical Christian festival because: “[Fort Bragg] would be willing and able to provide the same support to comparable events…” – Lieutenant General Frank G. Helmick."


Putting those words to the test, Sgt. Justin Griffith began putting together Rock Beyond Belief, a public event with an atheist atmosphere. Did I mention Richard Dawkins would be there? However, there were many obstacles put into place by Fort Bragg. One of these major setbacks was performers and speakers not including a "Statement of Intent," which was not required of the Christian convention. Another interesting fact is that there would be no funding from the government. Shouldn't we at least be fair here?


Many of the performers and speakers who were invited to the event voiced their "Statement of Intent," including Richard Dawkins. Unfortunately, Rock Beyond Belief was still forced to cancel their planned April 2nd event.


Here are a few links regarding this issue:

Jen McCreight's "Statement of Intent"

FFRF's news release

Another News Report



A lot of links and information can be found on the Rock Beyond Belief website, including some disturbing responses from congressmen. There's also a petition that can be signed, a few pages down on the link provided. PLEASE sign it and spread the word! I think we can all agree that this is clearly a violation of our rights. I think with the amount of members on this site, we can get the 150 or so names needed to pass the 5k mark! 


Scarlette Blues


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Comment by Michael Frazier on March 20, 2011 at 3:07pm
Thanks for posting!
Comment by Scarlette Blues on March 20, 2011 at 3:59pm
You're welcome. :) This story really needs to get out.


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