have you heard the shit festering

about the robot prostitutes in the making?

heard the christians & republicans

whining their way into a “debate”

about the moral concerns that might come about

as a result of having a robot do

what an exploited, sex trafficked individual

might once have?


see, if robots start doing the street corners

or dancing in the cubbies in Amsterdam,

there might not be the chance for any diseases

to crawl their way into those who frequent

this specific kind of escape,

an escape, of course, which fictional characters like “jesus,”

“moses” & “muhammad,” etc. might frown upon,

if in fact,

they were real.


one step away from diseases that have been used as threats by

the religious, is one step in the direction of a more sane, healthy,


much like clinics that allow addicts to do their drug of choice

within the confines of a safe, sterile setting,

where if any complications arose, they would be handled with utmost

clinical care,

a robot prostitute will make things safer &

those that still are rotting away with their storybook “gods”

(whose wrath concerning these frowned upon methods of escape

depends upon the consequences which presently arise from their practice)

are twitching in their skivvies---

yet, one might think that these public protestors

would be the first in line to purchase such new technology

for use at home, when the spouse is out & about,

because after all,

no “holy” book covered robot prostitutes,

did they.

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