Rev. Lowrey: Newdow Victory Could Destroy America

Michael Newdow's case against God-invocations at the presidential inaugural is going to court. No, really. It's getting a real live hearing. Per the Washington Examiner:
A D.C. District Court judge announced late Monday afternoon that he will hold a hearing in a lawsuit that seeks to strip all religious elements from the Jan. 20 inaugural festivities. [ . . . ]

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton said he found “good cause” to allow Newdow’s case to proceed, based on the plaintiff’s court filings.

In 2001 and 2005, Newdow filed similar lawsuits but they never went to trial. He is also known for unsuccessfully suing to strike references to God from the nation’s Pledge of Allegiance.

Bob Ritter, a staff attorney for the American Humanist Association, who is joining Newdow in representing the numerous plaintiffs, said he was “happily surprised” to learn the judge would hear the case.

This will not make everybody happy, including people on the ungodly side of the fence.
One of the co-defendants in the suit, bestower of the inaugural benediction Reverend Joseph Lowery, is not impressed, but nor does he seem to have much faith in America's cultural integrity. Per WAGA in Atlanta:
Reverend Joseph Lowery is giving little thought to the lawsuit filed by atheist groups trying to block any mention of god or religion during the presidential inauguration. "I think it's frivolous. I think they know it's frivolous. They are not going to stop prayer at the inaugural ceremony," said the Reverend Joseph Lowery.

[ . . . ]

"It's such a traditional part of the American garment that there is no way to take the thread out without destroying the garment itself and that's not going to happen," Lowery said.
Wow, Rev, that's harsh. Lowrey is supposed to be the liberal religious guy at the proceedings, the counterweight of tolerance and sanity to Rick Warren's anti-gay, anti-secularist ideology. Does he mean to say that removing the word "God" from ceremonial government recitations would destroy America? No wonder people think atheists are so scary.
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Comment by Frink on January 7, 2009 at 3:32pm
That's the formula for scaremongers with an agenda.

1) Set the dialogue by dictating what the mainstream is.
2) Predict implausible nightmare scenarios to illustrate what will happen if your side doesn't get its way. 10 points for invoking Hitler or the Nazis.
3) ...

Never fails. As an addendum, 5) if something good happens (or nothing bad happens), take credit by claiming things would have gone differently had they not listened to you. If something bad happens, do the opposite by saying things would have been peachy had everyone followed your advice.

Bill O'Reilly is notoriously guilty of this.


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