Religious Zealots May Be Harmful To Your Health

One of the things that is bad about zealots of religious belief, which those who are so 'ensconced' cannot grasp, is that they are very abusive to impose their beliefs in an omnipotent "God" on other people!

Many of the senseless laws we are subjected to are derived from the ancient dark-ages coffers of religious zealots who tend to think that the insane concoctions they believe, should be enforced on everyone else!

Here, we are unable to allow women their own freedom to decide what to do with their own bodies because the zealots of ancient religions want to have it their way all of the time! There they are, criticizing and trying to stop others from trying to enjoy our short lives and satisfy themselves, in one way or another, because they believe from a religious/moral aspect, that what others want, feel and/or need, is inappropriate from their religious perspective! Things would be better if those who believed in 'God' and practiced antiquated instructions would keep it to themselves, but that is not the case. It is never the case! They feel no discomfort from coming to our doors to infringe their ill gotten beliefs on us, but if we were to go to their homes and speak about atheism many of them would actually try to harm us in some fashion, shape of form!

Those of us who's minds have not been numbed by the many variations of these backward thinking antiquated religious beliefs, can actually see how those who are zealots and moderate believers have caused much suffering and death around the world, while preaching, basking in denial, and pretending to help others! They have actually helped the plundering sociopathic 'elite' pillage, commit genocide and cause division and fighting among others all around the world! Those of religious belief cannot comprehend, and refuse to realize or 'believe' the many types of dangerous abuses  the thoughts and actions of religious believers represent and inflict on others!

So while some of them talk about allowing people to believe-in what they want, others among them (in the same religions), are forcing their principles on others, and (sometimes inadvertently, sometimes not), helping the 'elite' to take life and resources from others around the world! But you can't tell these people that, because they, (all of them), are convinced that it is all about God and good!

People are convinced from early development that imaginary things exist and are constantly re-enforced of this in every possible way throughout life.And such are some of the perils of the fragile human mind compounded by the evils of religious beliefs. Now we observe as they literally murder each other according to their particular religion and God beliefs.

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Comment by jb2013 on November 28, 2013 at 8:39am

Forgive them for they know not what they do. I voiced a religious opinion to the sweet old lady who was our neighbor and she politely said that she didn't believe in sharing religious ideas. It turned out she was an evangelist and every year since then she sends me a birthday card saying how much Jesus loves me. Gotta love her.

Comment by Judith van der Roos on November 28, 2013 at 10:08am

"Maybe" ???

Your suggestion that they "maybe" bad for the health of anyone troubles me, surely its a given they will be ?


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