I am so sick of religious people being completely self conscious about their beliefs and claims that a calm conversation about religion is an attack on their belief, when the same people have no problem what so ever telling me how wrong I am and how I should go about finding truth in God's word.

It started out with a simple status update on facebook.

It said something along the lines of:
I wish more people posted their religious views in their profiles, I am curious how many other Atheists are in my friend list.

Next thing I know a full on debate is happening about how Christians are being judged by society, based on radical actions of a minority of the group.

Now, I am being blamed for starting an argument, and even after I apologize for sounding prejudice, people are acting hostile whenever I talk to them!

These people are supposed to be friends that I have known for quite some time, and I never tried to offend anyone.

Later, I made a joke implying that I was more surprised that they believed in luck, more then I'd be surprised that they believed in God and another argument started. Granted, I should have known better, but I considered this person a friend and thought they could take a joke, since they should have known me better then that.

well, apparently, this person knows the person who got into the first argument with me and is now figuring that I am trying to start an argument with them.

I guess you can never really get your point across without offending someone or disturbing their fragile belief system.

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