Religiosity is Not Graded on a Curve

We've all heard Christians justifying their behavior or saying that God will forgive this or that. Today I read a post on Reddit that was suggesting that Apostasy was not a crime punishable by death in Islam. The writer reasoned that they were once a part of a progressive sect of Islam and not in a country based on Sharia Law. This irks me. It irks me when Christians do it too. You have a book of rules. This book of rules was written by a supreme leader so great that you must devote your lives to said leader. You even go out and promote it. But you can't believe Law A or B, so you will be forgiven if you violate it. No punishment awaits you? Give me a break.

The rules laid out in the Qua'ran and the Bible are not open to interpretation. They are not buffet style where you pick what you want to believe or follow and then Jesus or St. Peter will tally up your score at the end. No where does either text suggest that. These books, if written by a God, are written very succinctly and largely leave little question as to what they will do to you if you fail. Example after example of the wages of sin are found in both texts. Moses didn't get into the Promised Land because he lacked faith that water was going to come from a stone after being struck by a staff (He had already tried it once) and you think that you can toss aside which ever rule doesn't suit you? "I can lust after whomever I want because Jesus couldn't have been serious." Yeah, I really enjoy the pranks that Jesus and God play in the Bible. 

 Look, either you believe that the book is the revealed word, or you know it's a pack of lies. If you know and advocate that a Holy Book is the word of God, who empowered you to challenge it? You either follow that book and justly killing innocents and enforce arbitrary laws as commanded, or why call yourself a follower of that religion? "I thought that we were being graded on a curve?" might not be the phrase that gets you into heaven.

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Comment by Doug Reardon on June 14, 2011 at 9:18pm
Well, that makes sense, which doesn't amount to anything for the religious.
Comment by Gaytor on June 14, 2011 at 9:45pm
Well played sir.


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