There is nothing more supreme than the ignorance of mankind.

There is nothing more arrogant than God himself, speaking through the feeble-minded puppet masses in a miraculous way. Have you ever ASKED yourself... HOW can people be so stupid and ignorant? 

Praise be to Religion, the Creator of all that is acquiescent in man. Religion is not a jealous God, it is an admittedly deceitful vicissitude of mirrors of itself. Let those of us that have been BLESSED(?) with minds enough to see through the repugnant visage of [LORE/LORD] gaze forth-rightfully into the most hellish reality that cannot be imagined, only observed. 

Let the power of religion spread like a plague, unrelenting and calamitous. Only then will the final prophecy come to pass. 

Beyond fundamentalism, there is the reprehensible truth BEYOND representation, comprehension, and THE sensible. The masses WILL become so ignorant that faith is the prophecy that fulfills itself. It is always the last days for the will of the believer. It is always, for us, the first last days of our will.

Behold,  the forefold Athereligeist.

[[[i kind of do a bit of nut-case style prose... but my main point is that religion is a tool to be used for the benefit of the mindful] ]]

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Comment by H3xx on July 13, 2013 at 9:54pm

Before I launch into a tirade, let me see if I understand... Are you suggesting that we should use religion to control people to benefit Atheists?


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