In this country, the country of Saudi Arabia, there are living creatures that resembles us humans. Sorry, couldn't help but start with sarcasm. There are humans, not very intelligent ones. These -not so intelligent- humans make up about 80% of the population. What you are about to read is not an exaggeration. In fact, I might be a little conservative.
The government of Saudi Arabia plays with these humans as they see fit. A current situation, for instance, in the light of the revolutions that happened in the Arab region, they were quick to respond and silence the majority of humans by -you can guess- Religion. They (Alsaud, the royals and rulers) immediately directed the religious leaders with their head, Mufti -the highest cleric- to issue a "fatwa", that prohibts under sharia law any form of protests. The reaction of the majority , of course, was as expected by the Master from his puppets, total agreement. People started to spread the word:"Protests are Haram (against allah teachings)". That was nothing but expected.
The government of Saudi Arabia -so it appears to me- is looking out for the rulers benefits and the rulers benefits are in the hand of the rulers of the world, economically let's say-so we rule out conspiracy theory-. Saudi Arabia knows that most of its benefits lies with the United States of America and of course it's ally the jewish state of Israel. Now, for the past 45 years or so, this government has been feeding the majority to hate the jews with all their heart. It worked and they won the unconditional love and loyalty of the majority. Because they see their government hating the same people they hate, laughable I know.
What about now?. Currently, the government needs Israel to make sure it is backed economically,number one, and to be safe when the missiles are flying.

What do they do?, Exactly, use religion to draw the hate and attention from the jews to someone else (another group). They did it, with effortless ease it seems. They drew all that hatred from the jews and landed it on the shia'a. Why the shia'a? Because it works. Israel is an enemy of Iran. Iran is a shitte state. Without exaggeration, the majority today say -or recite like a parrot- that they don't mind putting their hands together with the jews against the shia'a. They did it by instructing and directing their friday prayer lectures to implant the new doctrine in the minds of the majority that attends those mosques regularly. In mosques they brainwashed them, packaged them, stored most of them and shipped a little to Syria to fight the shia'a. My fellow humans in Saudi Arabia, open your eyes. Religion is nothing but a form of control.

MHI, 2012©

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