Religion has outlived it usefulness... If it ever was useful.

As our knowledge about the world around us increases our need for a mystical explanation decreases. Therefore, science is not an alternative to religion it simply renders religion useless. The ancient's once believed god made the sun rise every morning; we now know the sun rises because the earth is revolving. Religious practitioner's once depended on faith healers to cure their ailments, we now put our trust in medical science. Scholars once believed that man was created from a handful of dirt that god breathed into and that woman was created from his rib, observation and evidence now shows that complex organisms have evolved from extremely simple organisms over millions of years. Scientific inquiry has provided logical explanations that have allowed humanity to outgrew these mystical beliefs. We have surpassed our medieval ancestors in all areas of knowledge, but yet so many feel it necessary to cling to the most archaic belief of all.  The one thing that sets mankind apart from every other species is our ability to think rationally.  When one gives up this ability in exchange for blind faith in an improbable creator they give up the one thing that makes us truly human. 

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Comment by Gary C on May 12, 2011 at 11:14pm

I just look at it as a failed hypothesis that was all but completely disproven a very long time ago.


Comment by Aaron LaBrash on May 13, 2011 at 12:51am
This is all 100% true... to us. But how do you go about making someone value a perfectly reasonable  and logical argument, like you have just made, when they don't value logic and reason? I've been rolling that thought around in my head for quite some time now.
Comment by Jeremy Wells on May 13, 2011 at 7:31pm

Unfortunately children aren't taught to value reason.  They are taught to do what they are told without questioning it.  This trait is very helpful to stop a child from running into the street, but very problematic when it comes to matters of education.  I think Richard Dawkins said it best when he said that instead of teaching our kids about our religious beliefs we should just teach our kids how to think.  It is insane to think that a child is introduced to religious ideologies at a very early age, yet there is no mention of science or critical thinking until middle school; it is no wonder that children tend to cling more to their indoctrinations than to their faculties of reasoning.  It is also interesting to note that religions are indigenous to certain regions.  If a child was born in the west they will more than likely be some sort of Christian, if they were born in the middle east they will likely belong to some sect of Islam, and if they were born in the east they will tend to be some sort of Buddhist.  Furthermore, the majority of children never leave the religion of their parents.  If the location one is born and the religion of their parents are primary determinants in one's religious preference it is very hard to argue that their religion of choice is any more valid than the rest (I would argue that this subjective element would eliminate the validity of all religions).  However, most religious practitioners try to force their subjective beliefs on others as if they are objective reality.  The only way to counteract this is to teach our children how to analyze evidence and come up with logical solutions.  We are in an era where most children know more about the world around us than any scholar of the middle ages, yet they still believe that they will die and burn in hell for eternity if they don't accept salvation.  This is a very archaic concept and it scares children into belief.  The mental scarring that occurs due to this indoctrination technique is obvious, but yet society as a whole accepts it.  The religious people have no problem evangelizing children, in fact that is the best time to get them saved, and this is why it is imperative that atheists teach their children how to value evidence and think logically.  As our children grow up they grow out of the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and all the other fairy tale characters- it is time we helped them grow out of religious myths too!!

Comment by Steph on May 13, 2011 at 8:14pm

@Jeremy - well said!! You've made some excellent points. It's just unfortunate that those who are indoctrinating the young were themselves indoctrinated and they believe with all their hearts that they are doing the right thing. If that was the way I felt, I would do the same thing to my child.


I think what makes atheists different is that religion is not something that we ever really believed in with our whole hearts, if that makes sense. I truly believe that things will change and the best way to move humanity forward is for atheists not to hide the fact that they are atheists.

Sorry, probably could have said it a bit better but it's late here in the UK and I'm heading off to bed soon! Well, I'll wake up refreshed in the morning and will definitely make a point of climbing on the roof and shouting my atheism to the world. ;-) Being that this is the UK, I don't think anyone will really care because most of the Brits I've met could care less about religion. Football is the religion of choice over here! :-)


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