Religion/Belief Does NOT Equal Race/Ethnicity

Too many people confuse Muslim or Islamic with race or ethnicity and are afraid to speak out against it for fear of being called racist. Muslim is not a race, it is a BELIEF. There are many Muslims that are not from the middle east and there are many people from the middle east that are not Muslim. Beliefs are not sacrosanct. It is not racist or bigoted to speak out against harmful beliefs. It is not racist or bigoted to laugh at ridiculous beliefs. No one would consider it racist to laugh at someone that believed in the existence of leprechauns or faeries.

If you believe that a woman's testimony is worth less than that of a man, I will ridicule you. If you believe that a woman's value lies in the state of her vagina, I will ridicule you. If you believe that your religion should never be questioned, I will call you a coward and ridicule you. If any of your beliefs condemn people to infinite torture for finite crimes, I will ridicule you and call you an ass. If any of your beliefs call for the murder of people for consensual sexual acts, I will not only ridicule you, I will do my best to fight against those beliefs until they have been abandoned by all the hateful, cowardly, ignorant, primitive people that now hold them.

Your beliefs are not sacrosanct. Your beliefs do not deserve respect. And if you believe that a magical, invisible being that you call a god gives you some special privilege to harm your fellow humans for what you call a sin, then you do not deserve respect, either.

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