So im currently in a relationship with a christian woman, she knows i dont believe in god and the bible, yet i do believe that whatever makes you a good human being is fine by me. Should the fact of me not believing in a god sway our interest in eachother? Here i am a man of logic and she a woman of faith yet i dont see her any different but she does, so i ask myself, why believe is a god that sees all others wrong? I dont care what you believe all i know is i like you for you, not what u believe, this is why i say Freethinkers are more superior to theist. We think logically given the knowledge of what we know, not what we think we know. I dont have to be a rocket scientist to know that the bible is wrong... Yet you believe because you have been raised to, i was brought up on the same christian values and i moved away from that because i felt that to believe in it was to give in to control. Just because a race of people say its right does not make it so. Native American and Africans knew nothing of a god before they were invaded and killed off or sold into slavery. I am my own self, i believe that we we were made by design, nothing so perfectly developed comes about out of chance or accident, with this being known to myself i wont allow myself to be dumb down to thinking god created heaven and earth and we were made from sand and if we die not knowing him or believing him we are damned to hell for all eternity, what kind of JUST god would allow that to happen, especially if he has given us free will and a mind so vast that we can make out the bullshit the bible says. Im gonna end on that note, this being my first blog forgive me if its not strutured right lol.

Thank You

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