Refusal to Acknowledge Religion's Existence

Debating has always been something that I have enjoyed doing on the internet. I enjoy have theological and philosophical debates with people of all faiths and of no faith. 

When not on Think Atheist seeking debate advice from fellow atheists or just starting topics about religion on Think Atheist. I tend to reside on a very popular Q&A site, posting questions about religion; questioning religion itself and religious beliefs. Challenging believer's faith, just to have a good thought provoking debate. 

When off the internet I try to not talk about religion very much at all or the fact that I'm an atheist.  I actually support the idea that it is impolite to discuss religion and politics when in polite company.  For the simple reason that it causes too much strong feelings, arguments and anger. I like to get a long with others and most importantly its a bit random to be brining up religion out of the blue. 

I had an incident in person with a very fundamentalist Catholic recently. I posted a discussion about this on Think Atheist a while ago. I decided to delete it for personal reasons.  Anyway to sum up, I was in a position where I was not at liberty to have a debate with this very arrogant religious person. I was in a position where it was necessary to be polite and avoid causing offence. No matter how vague I responded, this person kept pushing and pushing. He told me that my atheist position is not an intelligent position . Going on to say that my position is putting humans in the same category as a dead animal in the field, he then goes on to say that human beings were created to be superior species. 

Although I did not say this then, I'll say it now to get it off my chest. I will never accept that human beings are superior in any way. We are not superior, we are not special. We evolved from lower lifeforms and the fact of that matter is we are scientifically classed as animal. We are in fact warm blooded creatures, mammals and therefore animal. We may be a very highly evolved animal, and social animals arguably, but animals none the less. Believing your species is superior is wilful ignorance and arrogance. If this is this person's way of converting me, he has some very misguided methods of doing so. I'd sooner become a scientologist then convert to that line of thinking (and thats saying a lot). 

And after each little rant of his, he keeps seeking for affirmation by constantly asking me "Am I right?". To which I simply respond by saying "That really depends on what you believe in" To which he very arrogantly replies "No, it doesn't"

This right there is the problem with religious thinking and how many of them view the "great questions" so to speak. They think the obtain he ultimate truth. Its quite a different experience coming face to face with a religious fundamentalist as of compared to an online discussion. I am literally amazed at their self religious, arrogant, condescending attitude. They quite literally think they are the centre of the universe. It seems that if one starts believing they are superior in species, they have a habit of assuming they are superior in all other areas. I would love to challenge these superior types to swim with the sharks and they shall soon see how un-superior they really are. 

This incident occurred after me just becoming jaded with hearing the same old repetitive arguments from theists over and over again. I've heard it all before and they have nothing unique to bring to the table. 

I have utterly become numb when it comes to religion. I feel nothing towards it. I don't want to think about religion, I don't want to know about religion, I don't even want to acknowledge that religion even exists in this world. Maybe ignoring religion entirely is not very practical. But then again, maybe giving religion the amount of recognition and notice it really deserves may actually be a solution. That amount is zero by the way. 

In any case maybe I'm just getting older (28), but I feel myself becoming a much more mellow atheist.  Believe what you so wish, but I don't share your beliefs. I may even tell believers that I am simply not interested when they try to start attacking me in the future. We as a species need to just get along and work with each other. And I don't think all religious persons are as crazy as the man I encountered earlier in the week. For many it is a private matter and so it should be. 

I just don't care about the theists anymore. I mean care about human beings who happen to be theist, just not about people who live and breath their faith, When it comes to religion, I feel nothing for it now, because it all means nothing to me. I only care about people. 

Ok, rant over. I feel better now 

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Comment by Nerdy Keith on August 9, 2013 at 6:31am
Ok guys I updated the picture with a different one I found. All grammatically correct now!


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