Refusal to Acknowledge Religion's Existence

Debating has always been something that I have enjoyed doing on the internet. I enjoy have theological and philosophical debates with people of all faiths and of no faith. 

When not on Think Atheist seeking debate advice from fellow atheists or just starting topics about religion on Think Atheist. I tend to reside on a very popular Q&A site, posting questions about religion; questioning religion itself and religious beliefs. Challenging believer's faith, just to have a good thought provoking debate. 

When off the internet I try to not talk about religion very much at all or the fact that I'm an atheist.  I actually support the idea that it is impolite to discuss religion and politics when in polite company.  For the simple reason that it causes too much strong feelings, arguments and anger. I like to get a long with others and most importantly its a bit random to be brining up religion out of the blue. 

I had an incident in person with a very fundamentalist Catholic recently. I posted a discussion about this on Think Atheist a while ago. I decided to delete it for personal reasons.  Anyway to sum up, I was in a position where I was not at liberty to have a debate with this very arrogant religious person. I was in a position where it was necessary to be polite and avoid causing offence. No matter how vague I responded, this person kept pushing and pushing. He told me that my atheist position is not an intelligent position . Going on to say that my position is putting humans in the same category as a dead animal in the field, he then goes on to say that human beings were created to be superior species. 

Although I did not say this then, I'll say it now to get it off my chest. I will never accept that human beings are superior in any way. We are not superior, we are not special. We evolved from lower lifeforms and the fact of that matter is we are scientifically classed as animal. We are in fact warm blooded creatures, mammals and therefore animal. We may be a very highly evolved animal, and social animals arguably, but animals none the less. Believing your species is superior is wilful ignorance and arrogance. If this is this person's way of converting me, he has some very misguided methods of doing so. I'd sooner become a scientologist then convert to that line of thinking (and thats saying a lot). 

And after each little rant of his, he keeps seeking for affirmation by constantly asking me "Am I right?". To which I simply respond by saying "That really depends on what you believe in" To which he very arrogantly replies "No, it doesn't"

This right there is the problem with religious thinking and how many of them view the "great questions" so to speak. They think the obtain he ultimate truth. Its quite a different experience coming face to face with a religious fundamentalist as of compared to an online discussion. I am literally amazed at their self religious, arrogant, condescending attitude. They quite literally think they are the centre of the universe. It seems that if one starts believing they are superior in species, they have a habit of assuming they are superior in all other areas. I would love to challenge these superior types to swim with the sharks and they shall soon see how un-superior they really are. 

This incident occurred after me just becoming jaded with hearing the same old repetitive arguments from theists over and over again. I've heard it all before and they have nothing unique to bring to the table. 

I have utterly become numb when it comes to religion. I feel nothing towards it. I don't want to think about religion, I don't want to know about religion, I don't even want to acknowledge that religion even exists in this world. Maybe ignoring religion entirely is not very practical. But then again, maybe giving religion the amount of recognition and notice it really deserves may actually be a solution. That amount is zero by the way. 

In any case maybe I'm just getting older (28), but I feel myself becoming a much more mellow atheist.  Believe what you so wish, but I don't share your beliefs. I may even tell believers that I am simply not interested when they try to start attacking me in the future. We as a species need to just get along and work with each other. And I don't think all religious persons are as crazy as the man I encountered earlier in the week. For many it is a private matter and so it should be. 

I just don't care about the theists anymore. I mean care about human beings who happen to be theist, just not about people who live and breath their faith, When it comes to religion, I feel nothing for it now, because it all means nothing to me. I only care about people. 

Ok, rant over. I feel better now 

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Comment by Kairan Nierde on July 12, 2013 at 12:28am

Glad you feel better!!!

Comment by William Boyd on July 12, 2013 at 2:55am

I don't get the concept of the image because of the guy allowing poor grammar being written on his body. If That was a tattoo, Double face palm. Regardless of the post below. However I totally get where you're coming from with your little long rant. Peace be upon you. At some point.

Comment by Nerdy Keith on July 12, 2013 at 8:02am

@William, bad grammar aside this was an image I came across on Flickr many years ago when I first renounced my faith. It is supposed to symbolise being happy with who you are.  I suppose you could interoperate the bad grammar as a sign of imperfection; as to accept oneself for the good and bad aspects. Maybe I'm reading into it a bit too deeply here lol, but thats my take on it anyway; "accepting yourself". 

Thank you for your response William 

Comment by Suzanne Olson-Hyde on July 12, 2013 at 9:35am

@Keith - You are still a baby :) well compared to me, and I am glad you are becoming more mellow as you get older. I have found I am becoming more vehement, as I have learned so much since I became an Atheist - I spell Atheist with a capital A, a lot of people also pick me up on that - but do I care? The bloke in the picture had the guts to write his slogan on his body - good for him, who cares if he used bad grammar, just as long as he sees truth :)

Annddd - humans are certainly not superior to anything - we are not special, the earth would do much better without humans - but xians, and especially catholics (leaving out muslims as the worst of the bunch) are dregs of humanity. Luv your rant.

Comment by Suzanne Olson-Hyde on July 12, 2013 at 8:40pm
@Nate - That is still religious how dumb and wrong they are and don't even realize it -

One of the things I hate is when an Atheist is picked up on spelling or grammar - when someone comes to my door, I am respectful, they mean well, will discuss, but always treat them with respect. I am from Australia, and one doesn't bump into xians a lot, so it is usually on TA that one comes across a xian. The last one I got involved with was a Professor Bob - a practicing catholic, I know the catholic system. I really enjoyed it until he asked the question about pedophilia, which fried my brain -

Does it always result in harm? ?what if we were to bring it out of the closet, so it isn't as psychologically abnormal and stressful? A society where it is accepted as an ordinary form of mentoring by youth and parents? If that were the case, so that long term harm were minimized and social and personal/economic benefits for the child were larger, would that make it OK?

It was an insight into why pedophilia is rampant in the catholic church.

I now have to go and watch Sponge Bob :)
Comment by H3xx on July 12, 2013 at 9:20pm

I'm reminded of a character from Douglas Adam's immortal tale "The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy" The ultimate edition. His name is Wonko The Sane.

One day, after coming across a set of detailed instructions on a set of toothpicks, John Watson (Wonko), distressed and fearing for the world's sanity, built The Asylum to put it in and help it get better.

The Asylum can be described as a four-walled house turned inside out.

To elaborate: the ceiling turns outwards, the furniture and carpet rests on the coast, the door one would normally believe to lead into a house leads outwards to a lawn with benches and walking paths, an area John calls "Outside the Asylum", in which is mounted the instructions for the toothpicks to discourage going back in it.

Although this was meant to be a jibe at the world, I can't help but see the logic behind it. Religion is about as necessary as instruction on a package of toothpicks. In an unrelated topic, has anyone noticed that they don't print instructions on packages of toilet paper? If instructions are required on every other toiletry and sundry you can think of, one would think that there is someone out there that sees it on the shelf, but has no idea what it's for.

@Suzanne Olson-Hyde

While I'm hesitant to put anything past a Christian, much less a Catholic, I suspect he was trying to steer the conversation towards Homosexuality. Because not long ago, People like me were treated as hatefully as pedophiles are now. Homosexuality was actually considered to be a mental disorder, until the American Psychiatric Society realized that every single "treatment" only made the patient worse off, and that simply ignoring it as a normal thing was the best course of action for the patient's well being and mental health. Most theologians rejected this decision and still look upon me and my kind as mentally diseased, and Catholics, I suspect, feel victimized when the rest of the world go after their "wayward" priests.

Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on July 13, 2013 at 6:07am

I remember thinking some of those things about 30 years ago and allowed myself to lighten up and for a while to stop even discussing religion. One day I just “got it”. I realised that I do not HAVE to respect religion or the religious just because they demand it. In the time that has past I have always respected a person’s right to believe in whatever god they wish to. However I have no respect for that belief in or of itself. I do see religion as a poison and as something that retards our progress. So now I am a chilled out but militant Atheist. I will debate religion with anyone but as soon as their religious superiority hat gets worn I will knock it off their head. I despise the self-righteous piety that so many of them display as they demand that I respect their beliefs. Keep it a private matter and you will have my respect.  Demand that it influences my government or reigns supreme in the junior schooling system then be prepared to deal with this blasphemer. The older I get the less tolerance I have for the demands of the religious.

Comment by Brandon Dardano on July 13, 2013 at 11:35am

That guy should really have put "AN" on his chest, not "A" 

Comment by Nerdy Keith on July 13, 2013 at 2:38pm
He's symbolizing imperfection, which is part of being human
Comment by Dr. Bob on July 13, 2013 at 10:14pm

Religion is like any human idea.  People can cling to it too tightly.  We can forget that religion is not God, just as science is not the universe.

If it makes you feel better, the behavior of the obnoxious fellow arguing with you is typical of novices in a field.  They don't yet know what they don't know, so they cling to simple tenets as though they are Ultimate Authority.  That's fundamentalism for sure in religion, but it's present in almost all fields of thought.

So relax and realize that folks like this are only beginners when it comes to understanding their faith.  We don't get upset with beginners for being beginners.


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