Well! How to begin.

I guess I'll start with my motivation.

When I was a kid, I'd gone to my local Church every Sunday. I didn't know why I went, I wasn't all to sure that there was a god- even at that time, but I did believe in the history that the Bible claimed to have happened and so I divulged myself into that.
Growing up, I had always been alone and felt a little isolated, so I felt comforted by the warmth I felt from the Church every day I went and so I was full of enthusiasm each week.
Because of my enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, I'd become one of the most knowledgable students of that church and everyone in the Church was proud of me.

However, it wasn't until I'd started science in school that I started to notice a lot of things happened in the Bible that could never have really happened.
If the science was to be believed, these things just weren't physically possible!
Also, I noticed that a lot of things that happened in the Bible have never happened again.
It got me thinking- and I don't particularly remember how, but- I remember one day that I suddenly thought to myself that I just didn't believe anymore, it wasn't adding up.

Since then, I'd found interest in Science; the universe, the principles- and especially the theories (Paradoxical ones are my favourite, anything that hurts my head trying to solve.)
So over time, I'd thought about theories, created a few of my own
(But lo and behold, some of the greatest minds had thought of them before- who was I to think I would be the first? That would be extremely arrogant, but I admit I did feel a tinge of disaccomplishment)
And I also studied more about all the other world Religions, and the history of those Religions.

I, like millions of others, surf the net and use youtube.
I'd come across quite a few astoundingly remarkable scientific videos that always take me in awe, but then there are a lot of people who challenge them with this theology that I had once clung to as a child's saftey blanket.
Watching the events unfold (Particularly between Thunderf00t and VenomfangX) it got me angry and so I decided to create a new life on the internet which was dedicated to speaking out against Theistic belief (especially Creationism), while at the same time voicing the Scientific and Philosophical thoughts and theories I had kept to myself for many years.
I don't expect them to be perfect, and I hope that those who are very knowledgable do not look down on me if what I say is completely wrong.
Instead, I ask that those who do watch them to offer constructive criticism, reccommended reading and so on.
Please, visit my channel, watch my videos, rate and comment, and please subscribe too- it would give me great boost reassurance that all this effort isn't for naught.

In regard to Think Atheist, it is for much the same reason- to express my thoughts, opinions and theories to others so that I may get constructive criticism from it.
The difference between Youtube and Think Atheist is that with this website, I hope I would be able to make many great friendships with people who I may help and who may help me.
Having conversations about such things that most people consider Taboo is something that I seek as I am greatly interested.

It is with this new life on the internet that I name this blog post "Rebirth"- because it is a Rebirth of myself to the world wide web.

Thankyou very much, it's greatly appreciated for reading, RyuOni1989

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Comment by a7 on January 21, 2010 at 7:36am
nice post and welcome laddie from glasgow scotland. I know what you mean about hurting your head thinking of theorys. I hsve my own on some topics, i might even post one or two

take care man


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