With the passage of the US health care bill being hailed as a landmark victory for Obama, I think it might be appropriate to get the opinions of the baby-killers among us who see the glaring hypocrisy in this bill.

As most of you already know, this bill hinges on the promise Obama made that abortion will NOT be covered. Keeping to the central theme of this website (and not even going into the details of how the health care issue even came into public discourse), I find it highly disturbing- mostly as a Canadian and as world citizen, that the most important issue for Americans in recent times had to hinge on 6 scrawny old Bible thumping men who believed that Jesus' daddy in space said abortion is wrong.

So why DO I care about the things people of faith believe in and act upon? Why do I challenge their stupidity and bigotry every time they assert their right to be religious?

With bases in most countries of the world, the US exerts enormous political and economic will over the entire planet. However, the last great empire in history has gripping issues of its own. If solutions to those issues come from subservience to a bunch of men to whom faith (which by definition is belief in absence of evidence) is the most important thing, I cringe to think what may come to those of us who are from smaller countries or who hail from "rogue countries" with resources precious to the US.

If these are the cardholders in the US, then a worldwide theocratic fascism is not a far out idea- it's a near possibility.

Thats why I care!

Please comment.

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Comment by Chetan D on April 12, 2010 at 9:04pm
How is maternal health- a large part of which is abortion that 1000s of women go through every year, not part of the bill?

It's almost as if these people thing women love going through an abortion just to waste government's money.


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