Ray Comfort: Sophist; The Burden of Proof

Why the Atheist doesn't exist
"There can be no such things as an atheist. This is why: Let's imagine that you are a professing atheist. Here are two questions for you to answer: First, do you know the combined weight of all the sand on all the beaches of Hawaii? We can safely assume that you don't. This brings us to the second question: Do you know how many hairs are on the back of a fully-grown male Tibetan yak? Probably not. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that there are some things that you don't know. It is important to ask these questions because there are some people who think they know everything.Let's say that you know an incredible one percent of all the knowledge in the universe. To know 100 percent, you would have to know everything. There wouldn't be a rock in the universe that you would not be intimately familiar with, or a grain of sand that you would not be aware of. You would know everything that has happened in history, from that which is common knowledge to the minor details of the secret love life of Napoleon's great-grandmother's black cat's fleas. You would know every hair of every head, and every thought of every heart. All history would be laid out before you, because you would be omniscient (all-knowing)."

Okay Ray:

I don't know everything, but I don't need to know everything about whether or not god, leprechauns, or big foot exist...
There's a local park nearby, I will make the statement: Bears live in the park...
What evidence do I have??? No evidence, ambiguous evidence, or certain evidence...

Ray has shown the Gate of the Sophist again... not only that, he has declared
"We do not know everything, therefore we know nothing for certain...
cling to Faith for logic fails you..." He has it half right.

Other Apologetic views to watch for: Knowledge is based on Perception ;
Evidence always skews towards bias; all Standards of Logic are Arbitrary... upon this foundation do they change Science to fit their Young Earth Dogma.

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