Rapture, Please Take Away The Bullies.

What no rapture? And here I was looking forward to some fine deals on housing and used cars.

So far I have yet to read anything about the rapture in other time zones.

It's already past six in many parts of the world, and yet nothing is happening!

I suppose I envisioned a kind of "rolling rapture", in which every good obedient Christian ascends to the heavens one time zone at a time. Kind of like god had a commercial for the rapture similar to television shows.

"Catch an all new rapture tonight at 6pm eastern, 7pm central."

I wonder if god would have to pay to advertise during religious programing such as 'The 700 Club'?
No wonder the guy is always asking for money.

God is like that leech member of every family, "Hey so can I borrow a hundred dollars? And instead of paying you back in money how about this...enternity in bliss! Huh? Yeah...pretty awesome right? Yeah, just make that check out to cash."

The rapture is kind of like him showing up unannounced.
"Hey, you guys mind if I like crash here? I brought my horses, hope that's cool." 

As the world awaits the impending nothingness, I've found myself reading up on local efforts to curb bullying in schools. Part of me genuinely appreciates the It Gets Better Project and I hope that its message reaches every school in the country.

But, unfortunately the anti-hate machine stops there.

The majority of youth learn their negative behavior and bigotry at home and at church.

At church the child and the parents alike are told to be aware of those different from themselves.
I imagine a fat old red-faced bastard baking under a cheap spotlight as he spews his message to the masses.

"Ya gotta ask yersulf. Is the person a Christian? If so does that thurr Christian go to the same church as you or is that thurr person from another denomination? If that person ain't exactly like you and me, he's different. And don' even git me started on them thar hoooomoooosexuals! Abominations!"

The congregation sits complacently, soaking in all the hate so that they can share it and spread it upon the world for what they believe is justified and even blessed reasons.

"But teacher, pastor said god hates fags. I was just picking on that other kid because he's different and me and the other boys are pretty sure he's a hoooooomoooosexual! Plus, I mean he's pretty black too...that's just asking for it. Right teacher?"

Does the teacher then go on to explain why that bullying student's church, family, friends, and thought process are all totally and unapologetically fucked up?

Is there such a thing as a church/teacher conference? 

"Hello pastor, I've called you here today because young Billy is having problems with bullying."

"Oh dear, may the lord give him strength to fight these demons! Praise the lord!"

"Yeah...well, see the problem is that he's been hearing a lot of hate speech during your services and I think that you, your religion, and the mouth-breathing sheep that fill your pews are where he is getting this from."

The pastor is then visibly shaken, his doughy face turns red as he retorts, "As a Christian man I don't recollect ever tellin' nobody about anything but the love and healing grace of jeeeeesus!"

The teacher rolls her eyes and then replies, "So you never said that homosexuals are a culture of sick and twisted individuals who prey upon children and spread their evil ways through television and music?"

The pastor then pulls a silk handkerchief from his suit jacket and begins patting away the flop sweat as he says, "The fags are trying to infiltrate our children's minds with their message of immorality. I dun told everyone in my congregation how the word of the LORD says it's a sin. Well I don't know about you, hippie liberal dike teacher, but I dun hate sin."

Where does the teacher go from there?
The parents? Whose side will the parents be on?

My points here is that there cannot be an end to bullying as long as religion keeps it's strangle-hold upon the masses.

"But my church is more progressive! We're all about the NEW TESTAMENT! Jesus is love and we accept everyone!"

To me that's like saying you still have shit flavored Kool-Aid, but you use aspartame instead of sugar because that's the more progressive way to make it.

"Diabetics are welcome in our church!"

That's just patronizing in all honesty.

Cherry picking through the Bible doesn't make you more progressive, it doesn't make you more open minded, it just means you've tailored your delusion to fit the way you want it to fit.

All the hate is still in there, you just flipped past it and concentrated on different things.

That's like taking Mein Kampf and just choosing to read the parts you think are nice.

"Hitler is love! All you have to do is confess your sins (and or Judaism) to Hitler and he will wash it all away! Hitler bless you!"

So just because a church claims to be what I call, "Xian Lite" doesn't mean they're automatically loosed from the ties that bind their beliefs to very real hate and intolerance.

If Jesus was love, and had ever truly existed for that matter, wouldn't he have done a bit better here on Earth?

Forget healing the blind, why not eradicate blindness completely?
Heal a leper? Just do away with leprosy!
Feed a crowd of hungry people? How about you just end world hunger?
And my personal favorite:
Tell people that disease and infection is caused by evil spirits entering the body?
How about you just let everyone in on the secret of hand-washing and antibiotics?
That would certainly save more lives and do better for humanity than tap-dancing on some water.

"Look at me! I'm really doing it! Someone crank up some tunes and let's see if I can break dance on water! Woo!"

Disciples cheering him onward, "Go Jesus! Go Jesus! It's your birthday!"

Besides, any guy who turns perfectly good drinking water into wine, in the middle of a fucking desert, is not really the best person to turn to for logical and sound advice.

So how can we truly put an end to all of this hate?
Can religion have any part in a hate-free society?

You tell me.

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