I tried posting this on the forums but it was removed due to guideline restrictions, sorry about that Nelson! I'm not making the best first impression here lol.

If you're based in the UK then you will be aware of the pile up on the M5 near Somerset but if you're not in the UK then you know now.  Many people lost their lives in the crash and many more suffered injuries.  Fire-fighters pulled people from burning cars and when that wasn't possible teams of them hauled the cars themselves away from the flames.  They did this with very little support and virtually no water in the engines.

A local radio station (Clyde 1) broadcast a segment about the crash telling us that "Prayers were being said" and a comment from a priest that the fire-fighters were an example of "God working through people".

I am writing a letter of complaint to the station and would like your feedback on my first draft.

I would like to complain in the strongest possible terms about comments I heard on the 13:00 news bulletin on Sunday the 6th of November on Clyde 1.
While listening to an update regarding the 27 vehicle crash on the M5 in Somerset on Friday the 4th the newscaster noted that “prayers were being said” for the injured. I would like to first register my disappointment with this statement as I had previously believed that Clyde 1 was not religiously biased. In the future I would advise either including all religions (eg: prayers are being said to God/Allah, goats are being sacrificed to appease the pagan Gods etc) or have religion left out of a news bulletin completely.
My second and, I believe, more serious issue is with a comment made by a priest (name and denomination unknown to me as I was driving) immediately after the newscaster. The comments in question indicated that the heroism displayed by Fire-fighters was “God working through people”.
I would first like to question why this individual was interviewed following the incident on the M5. Surely it would have made more sense to devote the limited airtime to road safety experts and the police investigators?
I would secondly like to register my disgust with the comment itself. The name “God” in this case would refer to the Christian God and as such alienates those of different religions and indeed those who have no religion at all. The statement also belittles the incredible heroism and selflessness of the Fire-fighters who pulled the injured from burning vehicles. Theses Fire-fighters knew they had no back-up or support as Fire Engines on-scene were running low on water and relief Engines were still en-route, yet they put themselves in harms way to save lives.
The statement “God working through people” detracts from the extreme bravery shown by the Fire-fighters and their support personnel and I feel that Clyde 1 has done them a great dis-service by broadcasting such a glib and thoughtless remark.


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Comment by Dave on November 9, 2011 at 6:12pm

I completely agree Joseph.  I do actually enjoy the station and they are funded through adverts rather than the state so it's not exactly a church/state issue (they are reasonably few and far between here in Scotland) but one of the good things about the broadcasters and regulators is that for every letter or complaint they recieve they multiply it up. IE if one person took the time to complain then we can safely assume there were X more who were offended but couldn't be bothered writing in.


I'm deffinatly sending it in a couple of days time.

Comment by Boatman on November 10, 2011 at 7:13am

Bravo.  Just...bravo.

Comment by Dave on November 11, 2011 at 8:48am

Thanks folks, I had another quick read through and corrected a spelling mistake and added my contact info but other than that I am happy with the letter. It has been printed off and will be posted in the box just outside the house when I leave for work at 1600.

Comment by Dave on December 3, 2011 at 1:12pm

Quick update, I've not yet heard anything back although I wasn't too sure I'd get one. I'd have thought at least an email though.


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