when a parent of a child


with an odd mixture of shame,

humor & wonder,

that very first lie

which their children tells them,

does this parent experience the same feeling that they

themselves did

when they found out that


wasn’t real?


like the slim difference between

a hysterical laughing face


a hysterical crying face,

that flipside reflection

of being let down by


comes swinging in your direction,

cornering you in the ring---

and do you believe in some kind of



as a parent who will lie to their child about


will you continue to conjure,

piggybacking on that greatest of great lies---

passing it on like an

std of the heart & mind?


in remembering the insignificance of

praying to a work of fiction,

why do you perpetuate that same

dissatisfaction that comes in perpetuating

your own perceived societal obligation



when in all honestly,

you are lying to yourself every day of your



paraphrasing mr. maher in his work of genius,


certainly, not believing that a fat man with a beard

could possibly deliver presents to every good little

boy & girl on this planet

in one night,

has a familiar ring to it,

when you consider the possibility of an

omniscient being

answering all the prayers of everyone that is


on this planet,

every single time they ring in.


in a related


it seems justifiable that when churches, temples

& mosques get tax breaks,

that in return,

the believers who attend weekly,

should have to wear some kind of prophylactic suit that would

keep their children from being

infected with


before they have a chance to protect themselves

with rational



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Comment by atheistrising on May 22, 2011 at 12:38pm


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