Montreal is a multi-cultural-religious city, where christians, muslims, buddhists and jews have been co-existing for a few generations now.
We have a great past with the catholic church, which was very present throughout our history, until the mid 60s. After that great period of change, the Church became somehow "unnecessary" to Quebecers and somewhat forgot about church.

The average middle class citizen wasn't going to church anymore, but applied every catholic value into their own life. They baptized their own children and God never made a follow-up with their newcomers. In the past 20 years or so, the Church became less and less important in people's life, people even came to ignore some recommendations made by the local churches at times. I mean for real, in the 50s, priests would litterally come and knock on your door and say: "When was the last time you had a child? Boy, you're long overdue!"

According to the latest census:
-83% of Quebecers consider themselves to be Roman Catholic
-1.5% of Quebecers are Muslims (which is a 143% increase from 10 years earlier)
-1.3% of Quebecers are Jewish (which is an 8% decrease from 10 years earlier)
-0.1% of Quebecers are Mormons (and the average age is I the only one suprised?)
-735 people of Quebecers have Arboriginal spirituality (which is the highest increase ---> 332.4%)

AND (great news!)

5.6 % have declared having no religion. That's 400 000 people in a 7.5 million population. That's a 55.6% increase from the last decade's census.

I'm at work for the moment, so I have to head back. I'm not finished here :)
"I have no ending for this, so I'm just gonna take a small now..." - George Carlin

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