Putting Politicians on the Spot...A Call to Arms for all Atheists.

The National Atheist Party is promoting a campaign, encouraging all Atheists,  to challenge politicians:


Currently there are politicians going through every state who would very much like to NEVER meet you. They are terrified and live their whole lives lying to even themselves, and a public questioning in which they are confronted with that reality, is EXACTLY what they are trying to avoid.

You deserve answers. With your help, the N★A★P is going to DEMAND them.

Our goal is to confront each and every politician and ask them:

““What will you do for the Atheist voters?”

We are seeking an answer to this crucial question. The time to take the important step of  standing up and asking it is now. This is the New Golden Age of Freethought; therefore, we should all bedetermined to face those who deem themselves worthy of leadership and confront them with the reality they willfully ignore.

Each State Chapter Leader is tracking candidate rallies and whistle stops. Wherever a candidate appears to address the public, the N★A★P will be there. If they won’t come and play, we will go to them.  Support a world of change with brothers and sisters around the globe and take to the streets in a peaceful display of our collective concern.

Help us ask those who would stand before us and lead…”What will YOU do for the Atheist voters?”

How do you think the politicians will respond/side-step/stutter? Will this movement get swept under the rug by the media? WWUSD4.jpg

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Comment by Dustin on January 1, 2012 at 11:24pm

I think the media loves controversial things, so if I am available to meet a politician and ask them questions, I am all for that.  I know one clip of a girl challenging Santorum about gay marriage and she made him look like a potential dick in front of a small crowd.  I want to be that girl so I'll check it out :)  


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