So, with Santorum out of the race, and Gingrich and Paul not having much of a chance, the media seems to have decided that Romney has already won the Republican ticket. He's even started looking for a running mate. He is so confident of his victory in the race for Republican candidacy that he's already decided to pick his Vice President.

As we've seen with Obama, and McCain, it's not uncommon for the presidential candidates to pick members of their own parties for this position, or other similarly important positions in the cabinet. They even pick from those who ran against them, and I'm totally ok with this.

Frankly, I hope Romney gets the ticket, and I hope he brings Santorum on board as his Vice Presidential Candidate. I hope with all my heart that those two jump into the same boat, so they can drown in it together when it sinks.

The Republican party hasn't exactly put up its A Team this year, with Gingrich being an amoral, corrupt, ass puppet to any special interest group that can afford to have their hand up his bloated ass, and Ron Paul being, sad to say, a bit too old to take seriously as a candidate, a bit too much to an isolationist to handle the problems we face in an increasingly connected and interwoven world, and a bit out of touch with the times. Santorum was a complete, raving lunatic ready to cram a feeding tube down the throat of each and every American Citizen and force feed them his dogmatic morality and idiocy. Romney...Romney is just evil. I might get a lot of shit for this, but damn it if there is a Satan then Romney is his father.

Everything about the man just screams bad things at me. His smile is the most unsettling thing I've ever seen, like a sociopath deciding how best to dissect his latest victim so that the garbage bags aren't too full of body parts. The man made his vast fortune by buying companies, liquidating their assets for a profit, and leaving their employees out on their asses without jobs. Maybe twenty years ago, he would have been an ideal Republican Candidate, but in today's America, with the Economy as tumultuous as it is, with unemployment rates at a completely unacceptable level, the man represents everything that the average 18 to 35 year old has come to hate about the upper elite.

Sure, he'll have the votes of every die hard conservative in America. Grandma and Grandpa will vote for him, proclaiming him to be the savior of this nation, here to protect us from the menace that is Obama! He'll have their votes, not because he's actually a good person to lead, but because he plays the part. I've lived through five elections, only three of which I was actually old enough to make an informed decision on, and all I have seen in Romney is more of the same; More preaching about how everything is the fault of the opposing party, more misleading information, more pandering to the ignorant masses, and more deception. He's a monster, and he doesn't even bother trying to hide it. He lies, he manipulates, and if he thought he could get away with it, I would be surprised if he would slip a knife between the ribs of anyone who had anything negative to say about him.

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, saying that Obama is great. He's better. He's the lesser of two evils. I'm still pissed at Obama over the NDAA, and over ACTA, and getting us involved with Libya, and a number of other things, but even I know to take what I'm given and be grateful for it. Has Obama legalized Gay marriage? No. No he hasn't, but he sure as fuck hasn't outlawed homosexuality all together. He's made it legal for homosexuals to openly serve in the military, and he's tried to keep everything as secular as possible, and I can respect that. Given four more years, and maybe We The People can work with him on the other things I listed above. We sure as hell wouldn't have that with Romney.

So yeah, I would love to see a Romney/Santorum team run for presidency, and you know why? Because no matter how blind you are, no matter how ignorant, anyone with half a brain will be able to see the two for what they really are: A pair of manipulative, self serving crooks who want to take the nation out of the hands of the people, and put it into the hands of "Their God"...more specifically, the hands of a ruling Elite who will slowly revert us all back to serfdom and strip us of our humanity until we are nothing more than livestock that can talk as a cute parlor trick.

I firmly believe that with the two of them together, Obama can't lose. He literally cannot lose, not in a legitimate race. For Obama to lose this year, the vast majority of American citizens would have to willingly have a lobotomy performed on themselves before voting, or someone would have to tamper with the ballots.

I want a Romney/Santorum team up, because together their platforms are so full of holes, and so offensive to the mainstream Americans, that they couldn't possibly win against any candidate who is even remotely more tolerant, more rational, and more aware of the world we live in.'d be fun to watch, is all I'm sayin. xD

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Comment by Emperor Milos on April 17, 2012 at 1:35pm

" a sociopath deciding how best to dissect his latest victim so that the garbage bags aren't too full of body parts."


Comment by Arcus on April 17, 2012 at 4:30pm

Well.. I'm a non-American, and this fact is apparently synonymous with a substantial lack of knowledge of the US political system, but I'll speak my mind nonetheless I'm not too afraid of Romney to be honest, he's a businessman first, and he's "religiously challenged" due to his mormonism. Also, in the end the presidential election matters very little, the course of the US is not determined by one man alone, but rather the broad brushes of society. What I'm a bit worried about, put in the eloquent words of Financial Times' America correspondent, Is that the US is a A Nation of Spoiled Brats.

Comment by Dave Gibbs on April 17, 2012 at 9:35pm

Romney legalized gay marriage (at least did not veto) in Massachusetts and helped draft universal health care there. At the very least he negotiated with democrats in the state rather than pulling an ignore-all—George Bush style. I see him more as a moderate, in practice.

As for Gingrich's super-pac ad's claims about Romney's history at Bain Capital:


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