My mother was big on prophecy when I was growing up. Jean Dixon was one of her favorites. Jean always extolled the correct prophecies that she had made in the past (JFK's assassination for example) Of course these prophecies were always revealed after the fact. I kept track of Ms. Dixon's prophecies for the future (at that time, all of which are now well past the time predicted) Not one, not a single one of her predictions have ever come true. Not the anti-Christ arising in an Arab nation, born in the early 1960's who would challenge the pope. Not the small missile the US government had developed that would prove essential to his eventual defeat, after millions had died in the wars, etc, etc. And the same is true of every other psychic who makes a specific prediction, they just never happen, of course the general ones, like "A great man will die this year" or "There will be a major natural disaster that will kill thousands. Tend to occur just as they always do. Yet people, and my mother up unto the end, continue to believe in prophecy. Why?

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Comment by Loop Johnny on November 13, 2010 at 4:26pm
Simple superstition.

In most cases, prophecies are revealed after the fact or very vague to be worth noticing. The one that are the most powerful ( in a persuasive sense ) are those that are unlikely and happened. The chances for some of them are small. Yet, they happen. The chance of our sun exploding today in a major solar boom that will tilt earth is slim. Yet, for one of the billions and billions of stars out there, it happens every time. Some stars suffer supernovas and we can record them. Rare thing happen all the time because of the number of factors.

Out of thousand of people, some get their prophecy right and their story is the one that gets passed down. The stories that are ignored are the one about the thousand other prophecies that fail. This 'prophecies' are lacking a foundation and are just plain coincidences.

If something very unlikely happens, people think that it is done on purpose by a god or a magical, supernatural power.

You have a 1 in a million chance to guess a number that I am thinking of 8 digits. It is very unlikely, but it is possible by coincidence.


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