is there a problem?---one

wrong with the world

outside you?  is there

a problem?---




sorry to interrupt,

didn’t mean to pause you

from stuffing food down your

fat american gullet---

didn’t mean to make you

think for a second,

when we all know

we all know,

you’d just rather



now, let me ask you again…

is there a problem?

have ya heard anything today?

have ya seen anything?
would you tell the rest of us

if ya did,

or would you rather just stay

huddled up comfortable in

your property?

holdin’ on, holdin’ on,

holdin’ on…

hoping that when the poor have

had enough & they get

guns, that they don’t come for

your first born

son (lol)---

a problem yet?

have ya turned on your tele today?

have ya gone outside in your


(that is if you haven’t

separated yourself completely from

the rest of “us”)?


have ya got some coins jingling in

your pocket?

maybe that makes it easier to


have ya got some fresh new

lover who takes up all your time,

so that the rest of us just make you




have you heard of the storms that have

been destroying?

have you heard of the wages falling?

have you heard of the sick that cannot

get help?

have you heard of the people getting

hassled & imprisoned who don’t look

like you?

have you heard the sirens, the gunshots


have you heard the same talking heads

that we’ve heard,

promising that it will get better?

have you seen the countries outside us


because of the hired killers on our payroll?

have you heard that they are killing

themselves because they can no longer

stand it?

have you heard the death tolls that are a

direct result of our

“bringing democracy?”



if you are “in the dark”…

if you claim this is all fresh

news to you…

then you, my friend,

have a problem.

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