Pro TIp: When talking about your god, don't allude to other mythologies.

Joe Jervis over at Joe. My. God. tipped me off to a small story about Exodus International president Alan Chambers making a dubious Facebook posting.
It was about a lesbian couple who, after 22 years together, have now apparently decided to "accept Jesus" (translation: stop being so gay).

The whole thing is overall just depressing for a variety of reasons, from the propagation of lies, to the destruction of relationships.

But the part which caught my eye came in the comments following the Facebook posting:


Right there in the middle, that comment by Nancy Parker Cooper: "Everything Jesus touches is healed and turned to gold"

Really? That's how you choose to represent Jesus? Perhaps I'm just building an ad hominum argument here, but it seems odd that those are the words she would choose: Everything [he] touches . . . turns to gold."

I seem to recall from my childhood a greek myth about a king named Midas who wanted just the same such power. As I remember, it didn't work out so well for him.

He ends up killing his daughter by turning her into solid gold, and almost starves to death because everything he tries to eat or drink also turns to gold. He gets the "blessing, which became a curse" removed, but it still cost him.

So, maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but I've just always considered the whole "Golden Touch" power to be a very bad thing.

Oh well. Like I said, the whole situation was pretty depressing, and my brain probably just fixed onto that phrase to keep me from getting to bummed out on the whole human race. Or, White, Straight, American Christians, anyway.

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