I couldn't sucessfully embed this video from Google videos, so I'm making this blog entry instead.

Called Prisoners of a White God, this movie is about the Akha people of Thailand and Laos. It shows how they are being destroyed by Christian missionaries getting to them through Thailand and by the communist government of Laos relocating them. The missionaries are claimed to take children from the Akha villages to encampments where they are used for labor and the sex trade. The missionaries live well on the donations they get from christians, but end up tearing apart families. If newly "converted" children return to their villages, they no longer fit in or get along with everyone else. The Laos government is relocating villages out of the mountains to the lowlands, where the people are used for labor projects but are contracting malaria at high rates with no money to treat it. The lives of these people are being destroyed on two fronts.

This movie is nearly an hour long. It was made by someone from the Czech Republic, but it has English subtitles (and some English dialogue). It also has a few short moments where Akha women with naked breasts are shown.

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Comment by Jon Peterson on October 8, 2009 at 12:55am
There is evidence of this type of christian bahavior scourging history books! The anglo-saxons for instance were peagans, and were invaded by the christian armies (pre-ad, i think) only to rape, pillage and burn villages and enslave people in the name of GOD. Then eventually, to convert the remaining people that did not resist to a christian belief! WOW!!!!!


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