Few days back here was the Pride Parade in Dublin. I was very happy to know that here in west people are having respect for Lesbians & Gays it is the beauty of the west society.
I was just wondering that if somebody starts such Pride Parade in Pakistan or in any Arab country would be killed & person who would commit this crime proudly be considered as a hero. As far as i know in Islamc "big book" there is not a single word about Lesbians & Gays. Though we listen from all muslims that Koran has everything & i also say yes of course Koran has everything i dont want to be killed ..ha ha. Humanity is greater than any religion. In Pakistan all Madrassas are being run by religious organisations. In such religious schools kids are tortured & raped by their teachers. If any student makes any remarks against his teacher is killed. Such cases are never reported because those religious organisations are very strong in local areas & victimised families are very very poor. Homosexuality is not a crime but rape a student for fulfilling your wish is one of the stupidest thing on earth. Its never ever happening but if Pakistani govt makes any laws for homosexuals such mullas would be on roads & burning tyres against such law. A month ago i came to know about gay Mulla in Iran who is conducting same sex marriages. I think he is doing a well job in a hypocrite religious society. Where people are killed being a Gay & Lesbian. In Pakistan transgenders are being killed they are not respected in Pakistani hypocrite religious society. Last month when a transgender was victimised & taken to the hospital instead of examining the victim doctors wasted lot of time that should the victim taken to the male ward or female ward & during that the victim died. This is just a little example of religious beasts of my society. http://www.latimes.com/world/asia/la-fg-pakistan-transgender-201605....
So keep up the pride parade & make muslims more jealous. Here we go

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Comment by SteveInCO on June 27, 2016 at 9:07am

Though we listen from all muslims that Koran has everything

That's clearly not true, even from a Muslim viewpoint.  Nowhere does it list the five pillars, nowhere does it instruct you on how to pray, nowhere does it say you must pray five times a day (it went as far as three), nowhere does it specify how much zakat you must pay and the way it must be allocated (one eighth towards jihad, by the way).  It mentions pilgrimages to Mecca but not that they are required (unless simply unable to do so).  Nowhere is the shahadah given, and that's pretty fucking basic information, particularly for a religion as tied to getting the ritual exactly right as Islam is.  (You'd better know which way Mecca is or the prayer is wasted.)

You could swallow the whole thing and memorize it and still not know how the fuck to be a Muslim.  One needs the sunnah for that.

[PS: I mentioned Islam being tied to following rituals precisely, but I will give it props for making exceptions if you are unable to follow the rituals, provided you are willing to do so.]

Comment by Noon Alif on June 27, 2016 at 11:24am
Last day i met a guy
I was eating somothing on road he thought i am muslim he said " why are you not fasting man " . I said fasting is not good for healt especially in summer. The 2nd thing your prophet never had a fast in summer from 8 hijri to 10 hijri according to moon ramadan only came from dec to feb . He thought i am lying . I asked him have you ever studied your religion ? He answered same as 90% muslims give "no". This is the basic thing mostly people never study about what they are being taught on the name of religion & every religion calls it self a true religion . The one who born in a religious society thinks that only his religion is true all others are just stupidity. Religious people tell them about some rare good things + mixture of lies . Nobody tries to study his religion on his own.
Comment by SteveInCO on June 27, 2016 at 11:43pm

If you didn't see this in Sunday School, it's excellent.



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