One of my Facebook friends posted this as his status today:


To my evangelical Christians out there, don't worry if they reject the Word of God the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 50th time...they may harden their hearts now, but just remember: Everything has a melting point! Just pray that God turns up the heat!


Someone named Ezekiel, of all things, commented and said that this should be the quote of the year, and as usual, four other Christians immediately clicked "like" within minutes of it being posted. I really try not to touch these things on FB, both because it bothers me when people attack things I say on my own wall and also because I just don't feel like bothering with the inevitable argument that will arise. But sometimes it gets really hard to deal with this attitude. I may not agree or like it, but basically I respect their right to their beliefs and I keep my godless comments confined to other areas, so that people don't feel like they're being bombarded by atheism every time they check their news feed.


And when I do get on T|A or Twitter or what have you, I try to avoid making statements that "one day those deluded Christians will see the light." That's not the kind of statement that will make them see reason or change their minds. Why do they think they can get us on "their side" by making those remarks about us? It's arrogant, presumptuous, and downright rude. These are the people that I keep on my friends list for those days when I need a good dose of "things that make me rage inside."

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Comment by Marcus Orlyus on June 11, 2011 at 1:11am

Hehe, I like your avatar. Poor Osaka.


You have to remember that they hold their beliefs with the kind of fervor that can only be achieved by an all-powerful, all-knowing jealous deity looking over their shoulder. Part of their doctrine is to spread the word of God; this is simply them being good Christians, at least to their reckoning, and so what if it's rude if you can convert even one person. Such is the inherently pushy nature of this kind of religion. Conversely, there is no real universal Atheist doctrine, and if a group of prominent Atheists DID get together and try to make one, it would almost certainly include something about not pushing beliefs on others.


I tend to do the same thing as you, by the way. I strongly believe that decisions concerning ones personal beliefs must be made by them and them alone.

Comment by Adrian Allen on June 11, 2011 at 4:18pm

It's difficult to hold one's tongue. I admire your restraint. I tend to want to respond and usually do in a more British, sardonic way that may not be readily understood by all.

For example: "To your evangelical Christians out there, I agree with Ezekiel about a melting point, but be aware that those who play with fire may get burned. It's just possible that your 'hearts' may get turned to their views before 'they' agree with you, simply because 'they' tend to think with their minds not their hearts."


Or something like that, although that isn't particularly sarcastic.


But you are right: "It's arrogant, presumptuous, and downright rude." and I try to make my kind of response echo that and get under their skin.


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