Few days back I called my friend in the evening. He didnt attend my call i thought may be he is on job late night he sent me msg that he was busy somewhere i asked some details then he told me that he was with preachers they came from Pakistan to preach islam in EU .
Everybody knows Pakistan is a country with religious sects . Most of religious sects are involved in terrorism. They provided jihadis to America against Russia. Every muslim in pakistan wants to lead his life according to the sunnah of Prophet .

On the other side in every intitution of Pakistan bribery is at its peak . The political system is totally religious and corrupt . According to the constitution if somebody wants to fight election he must be a true muslim then oath is taken on quran . Prime Minister & president can't be a non Muslim. every institution including army generals is corrupt.

On the other hand there are religious schools where students are raped by teachers. We can get such news on every second day in newspaper but no actions are taken as the judiciary is totally corrupt . As we know Honour killing is the part of islamic culture domestic violence on women is a normal thing it is increasing day by day in pakistan . So these are the few blessings of religion which i am trying to describe .

Lets go to the arab world where true Muslims are ruling no freedom of expression no rights for women no right for gays & lesbians & true islam is being practised in saudi arabia which gave birth to Isis , Al -Qaeda and many more jihadi organisations in past.

A preacher comes to preach from a society where corruption is the limit. Roads & street are dirty. People are dying on roads with hunger but God is enjoying air condition in mosque. Women are giving birth on roads. Child abuse in religious schools at its peak . Everybody saying Allah will fix everything & we know he ll not fix because he is no where.

Before allowing islamic preachers in any where in EU, UK, US and Australia they must be interviewd that have they fixed their societal problems with their holy book ? Have they sorted the corruption of their society ? Have they given the basic human rights to their women ? What type of freedom of expression they are practising ? They must be asked such question otherwise more Anjum Chaudry will be born here & they ll try to destroy the west with the blessing of their religion

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Comment by TJ on August 25, 2016 at 9:09am

Blessed = Empty words instead of helpful actions.

Cursed = Empty words instead of harmful actions.

The religions' blessings are a curse that can come true.



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