Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition boys!

Well now it looks like the Gun Toating Bible Pounders got busted by the FBI because they were planning a “revolt” to “save” America.
But fortunately, we were saved from them. For the time being that is.
Might I go out on a limb here and wonder if Sarah Palin is their poster girl?
And just why do they think (I’m using that term loosely) they have the right to “save” us?
I sure didn’t.
And I’m a vet.
It’s a piety the Cold War isn’t on anymore. I honestly believe that when there was a big bad USSR it served as a “break” on nut cases like these. As long as there was an enemy to direct your hate and anger at we didn’t turn too much on ourselves.
It’s kinda like the Mid East. As long as Israel is there, then the other countries in the region won’t go after each other.

It was point out by a Jewish writer a few years ago that if the Palestinians just said, “Screw it we’re moving to Miami” then the Israelis would dance in the streets. After a few months though, the Israelis would turn on each other on the question of “Jewishness.”
After tearing each other up for a couple of months, the Israelis would look around and say, “Screw it. We’re moving to Miami too!”
Now the rest of the people in the Middle East would dance in the streets because Israel was gone. Then, they’d stop, look around and say, “Why are we living under this kind of government?”
That’s when the leaders of the Middle East countries would start to go to war with one another to keep their people’s attention occupied.
So, you see, using the Israeli model we here in the United States of Hysteria need a viable enemy to keep us busy.
Who are these bible pounding “we’re gonna save America yahoos?” Have they ever served in the military? Could they even get in the military. And what makes them think that we all want to live like they do?
Maybe it’s time we had an Atheist Militia.
Naw…it’s better if we just step back and let these yahoo’s go after each other.
Either that or draft them and send them to Iraq or Afghanistan.
Those boys and girls gots guns too!
And better yet, they’ve got “God” on their side too…..

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Comment by Galen on March 30, 2010 at 5:50pm
We've got plenty of enemies. Why don't those assholes grab a gun, grab a Bible, and grab the first flight to Afghanistan where they can go ferret out Bin Laden. Make 'em do something useful for a change.


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