If you don't know about possibilionairism you should watch this video.

After you watch it you'll be ready to read on and understand.


Guido: "Brother! Brother! Our country as been invaded by barbarians! They intend to take away our rights, and especially the rights of our homosexual and female neighbors. We must fight them!"


Luigi: "Yes, I see that this is a big problem! What should we do?"


Guido: "I have joined the revolution and will fight their barbarity in the name of equality and reason. We'll re-institute a representative secular democracy. Will you join us as well?"


Luigi: "Have you considered that there might be other possibilities other than your simplistic notions of 'equality' and 'representative secular democracy?' Have you considered direct democracy? Anarcho-capitalism? What does equality mean, really? For example, what rights would we accord to children, the mentally infirm and criminals? Have you really thought this all through yet?"


Guido: "Interesting questions. We can debate them in the evenings after the battles."


Luigi: "No...I'm not comfortable identifying myself as one of you rebels. Your point of view is static and simplistic. You define yourself in opposition to the invaders. There are so many more possibilities rather than just you versus them."


Guido: "I told you I'm interested in your questions and open to discussing them. But we have a more urgent matter to attend to. We both agree that the invaders are not good. Let us go and fight back!"


Luigi: "Sorry, Guido: as far as I can see, you're the same as them. I refuse to pick sides."


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