As time moves forward into the future we stand in the present watching
current events become the past, not much longer shall we last as the
end grows near to all that is living.

Birds die and rain down from the azure sky that encompasses our beings
forevermore until the end of time.

We wonder why,
Fish die and float to the top of the water that flows throughout our
world like the blood throughout our beings.

We wonder why,
People spread apocalyptic rumors of death and destruction soon to come
for what reason.

We wonder why,
To have all we have without having the one thing that we all yearn
to have.

An answer, an answer of what lays between the lines, all of our
futures to come.

Deception lies in the souls of many, to what extent we do not know.
Trust is all we have next to belief. Deceivers are the creators of

You may tell me you know, but I know you do not know, you trust, you
believe, I shall not be at blame for the creation of distrust by
deceivers for thinking outside of the box.


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