Stereotypical theist meme. Most of them were found by me or created by me. Here are the best that I have. Enjoy!

TIP - Try to count in your head how many times you have heard these arguments

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Comment by Jessica Arcega on December 2, 2010 at 10:29am
i had a good laugh while reading the list. it sort of remind me of some people i know. got in a heated discussion with them too about our beliefs. there was even one person who got so mad at me that he didn't talked to me for two years, but now we are talking again. anyways, i asked him why he got mad and decided to not talk to me, what he said was: "Napikon ako kasi ang hirap mo kumbinsihin na mali paniniwala mo." translation--- "I got mad because i had a very difficult time convincing you that what you believe is wrong." it always make me smile everytime i remember what he said... theists are so cute!
Comment by Teri G on December 3, 2010 at 6:23am
Nicely put together! I can't tell you how many times I've heard these, you just learn to smile and walk away because you know that these people will never listen to reason. I have yet to hear an intelligently thought out argument from a regular everyday theist..

I will eat my shoe if that ever happens..
Comment by Jonel Burge on January 21, 2011 at 4:41am

Actually, I never "believed" in love growing up.

I "believed" in attachment and familiarity. "Love" is the romantic concept of falling head over heels craziness, "burning consuming fire" blah blah blah--and I could see a strong sexual attraction happening that is similar to that, but never the concept of purely romantic love being so consuming.

For me, there is only attachment and familiarity. Attachment is wrought over time--years of using a good leather purse, a comfy soft jacket, a baseball mitt that is a familiar weight in your hand, and most importantly, people--family, those around you, if after years, you did not grow attached to them--you wouldn't blink when they were wounded. I compare it to worn-in grooves in your mind, like a record.

Familiarity is the same--things that are regular, are comfortable. Being forced to take a different route to work every single day is uncomfortable and uneasy in minds that do well with learning a pattern, and repeating it. Familiarity breeds comfort which is something every human likes to be.

So I could say I love my laptop, or I love a character, or I love a bowl of good sherbet, but what I really mean is that my laptop is steadfast and reliable and performs duties I require, I enjoy, empathize with, and respect a character, and I like eating, tasting, and digesting a bowl of good sherbet.

But we're beings of language--why use so many words when a shorter one will get the point across? We're very good at language in general, especially symbolic language.

I will also say:

-watch your spelling and sentences, if you can't write a cohesive post no one is going to take you seriously--yeah they'll reply, but it's hard for me to treat someone equally, if they can't take the same amount of time I do to check over my posts for comprehension.

-lol, science cult. If Atheism is a science cult, then christians are a death/wine/bread cult. Science goes hand in hand only because it is a great tool to use. You don't have to trust science to be Atheist, you just have to not believe in god. There is a difference between the two things, even if they are found together. Just because Otaku tend to be Nerds does not make all Nerds automatic Otaku.


to the original post before this comment section was so RUDELY interrupted with an argument that should have been posted elsewhere on the website:

LOL. Awesome, I love memes so much. Have you seen Privilege Denying Dude? It's a meme created by some online equality advocates to poke fun at actual things that lots of racists, sexists, sizeists, ablest, etc, say. My favorite word I learned from it is "manspained", as in, "Angry I manspained something to you? Must be PMS."

I will also say that foul bachelor frog inspired a futuristic dystopic story about such a creature.

Memes are a really great way to poke fun at something by simplifying it into a joke, so I'm happy to see this.


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