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Although Christians will vehemently deny it, they are actually polytheists. The claim of "multiple gods in one" is actually found in the widely recognized polytheistc religion of Hinduism.


All of the dozens or hundreds of Hindu gods and goddesses are said to be simply multiple manifestations of the "one high god" [Brahma]. - How familliar does this sound to you? -

How then can Christianity be monotheistic when it follows the same idea as this POLYTHEISTIC religion? Answer - It is not.


In fact, Christianity has four different Gods and multitudes of demigods - angels, demons, devils, and deified humans called "saints." It is no joke to say that this religion is as polytheistic as Hinduism.


So who are these four major Gods? Well, Christians talk about them all the time. There is a "good" but petty and vengeful King of the Gods named "Yahweh," "Jehovah," "or simply "the Father."


There is Yahweh's son, the merciful, self-sacrificing, loving, forgiver god: called "Jesus," "Christ," "Immanuel," "Yeshua," or simply "The Son." As with many redeemer gods, this one was born of a human woman through divine conception. This woman's name was "Mary" or "Miriam," the Queen of Heaven.


[A Short Digression on Mary]

Protestants and Catholics disagree on the position in the diety hierarchy of this woman. For Protestants, she is a demi-goddess. For Catholics, she seems to be a full-fledged Goddess, the fifth major god. In the case of Catholics, she appears to be a mediator goddess as well as the goddess of fertility [the mother Goddess.]. They use her to communicate with the highter up Gods, Yahweh and Jesus.


The most strange of the Christian gods is the third one, the Holy Spirit/ Holy Ghost.

Pretty much nothing is known about this god except that it seems to have no corporeal form.


The fourth god is a bit different. He is an evil god who is a [somehow] less powerful rival of Yahweh. His proper name is "Satan" but he is also incorrectly called "the Devil" [there are actually many devils, and they are lesser down evil demigods] or he is incorrectly called "Lucifer" [who is a completely different character, a devil demi-god, who - if I remember correctly - is the commander of Satan's armies of hell.]


Among protestants and catholics alike there are obvious good and evil demigods in the forms of angels, archangels, demons, and devils.

Christians refuse to admit the obvious fact that these creatures are dieties, and that their religion is polytheistic.


But how can this religion be called "monotheistic?" Just a thought....



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Comment by Heather Spoonheim on March 12, 2011 at 3:04pm
To fundamentalists, there is only one god, and that is the 'father' who created everything, including Lucifer, angels, demons, Mary, Hitler and candy canes. Jesus and the "holy spirit" are just different manifestations of the father, such as water can be solid, liquid, and vapour. The holy spirit was the one that was always most perplexing to me as a Pentecostal Christian because it was the one that had the most impact on the dogma but seemed to be the least referred to in the scripture. For the most part, the holy spirit seemed to be the means by which god could interact with the physical world - a self created loophole since it seemed that for the most part god prohibited himself from interacting with the physical world directly.

Anyway, you are obviously correct in stating that Christianity generally represents a form of polytheism.
Comment by Skycomet the Fallen Angel on March 12, 2011 at 7:30pm
The thing about the trinity is.. well... the same idea is present in Hinduism.
Comment by Carlos Lopez on March 12, 2011 at 7:45pm
Compare the three states of water with the father, the son and fluorescent bird takes only the intention to delude the flock. The trinity case is very stupid, the three of them are the same but having each one independent consciousness, even though they are only one. Look at this: he sent to himself as his son to a suicide mission under the protection of the fluorescent bird, acting he alone all of them at the same time... give a break!
Comment by Ava Wilson on March 12, 2011 at 9:30pm
Nice post. Have to correct you though. Lucifer as any sort of demi god or deity has no relation to Christianity. The story of Lucifer was completely fabricated by John Milton. The word Lucifer is only used once in the entirety of the Bible and it refers to the morning star (Venus, I believe, which you can see every morning at sunrise in the sky). It was also used as a title-- not for Satan, but for rulers/kings. That being said, obviously the original word wouldn't have been Lucifer since it was written and translated in Hebrew and Greek before Latin got its hands on it. But i just thought I'd mention how silly the notion is for Christians who already believe in fiction, trying to further fictionalize their religion by making crap up that isn't written, like Mary being a whore-- didn't happen. She's a figure of female empowerment in the Christian religion that is being disregarded and pushed aside. GLAD i'm atheist and save myself the headache.


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