I keep reading little articles that claim anywhere between 20-55% of doctors will quit if this health care bill passes. Also, that the Us is going to go into a deep depression b/c it can't afford the taxes and the expenses it's going to bring down on us... They are full of it!

Seriously? That's like me saying, "I promise... if Microsoft comes out with another O.S., I'll never work on computers again!!"

Pshh.. these scare tactics are getting a little silly.

If the Right is so confident that the health care program is going to be a bust, they should be having silent parties behind the scenes and keep their mouths shut so the Democrats can fail.

Wouldn't that make for an easy win in 2012?

Maybe the Republicans care SOO much about saving our country(and those insignificant people sometimes referred to as citizens) that they are willing to keep the Democrats from doing the very thing that will return to them what they lost in these last elections. I mean, we are assuming that the Obama care is the work of the devil and can be nothing but a socialist agenda designed to destroy our freedom.

"Obamacare is going to bankrupt our country!!" - Hannity
"Obamacare is going to rop us of our freedom!!" - Limbaugh
"Obamacare is going to raise health care costs!!" - Beck

Wait... wtf? With our country's deficit.. and the fact that we can raise our OWN debt ceiling... and the fact that it costs us more than a dollar to print a dollar...

With just those 3 of MANY other terrible things in mind, are they really trying to put off the U.S. Government's failure on Obama's health care bill?

NO ONE will ever "rob me of my freedom". Let me make that perfectly clear.

Beck must have been cut off mid sentence so I'll finish it for him. "Obamacare is going to raise health care costs from unaffordable to completely unaffordable..." I just wanted to make sure that his message was clear... sorry. :)

Come on, give me a freakin break!

People like Hannity, Limbaugh, Boortz, Bect, etc. are instigators. THEY are helping to destroy this country from the inside out. That's fine. They can continue to spread this mutated strand of hate to as many people as they want. Wrap it up nice and dip it in caramel, but I'M not biting that fucking apple.

If this nation does collapse, like the Right is predicting, it will not be because of Obama's healthcare bill. It will be because the general populous has been infected with cultural prejudice... pure unadulterated hate for those who do not agree with your cultural, political and theological views. It will be a snow ball of crap that has been added to the barrier separating the Left from the Right. Obamacare may be the last straw.. maybe not.

I called out conservative talk show hosts b/c they just happened to be my most current read, but this goes for both sides of your silly political war.

I don't need your signs, your warnings, your protests or your god's forgiveness to understand what is going on. Your ignorance and distain towards those you do not know and/or understand are just the outline of the picture I have painted.

I wish we could work together to make this or something better work... the point is, SOMETHING needs to be done. I think that is asking too much... keep it up, maybe both sides will get what they are asking for.

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Comment by Morgan Matthew on September 17, 2009 at 4:48am
I could not agree more Chiz. My dad is a Talk Radio whore and recently I have been tuning into Talk Radio to see what it is all about and frankly my dad almost repeats the talk radio commentary word for word. Parrot talk :P haha

Like I said this is the argument that if gays can get married you can marry a duck... Quite comical when you really think about it. With how much digging I have done about the whole health care debate ... it really is bought and paid for already. There is no such thing as a "blue dog democrat". They are called Corporatist Democrats /sighs/ Best example:

Comment by Wesley on September 17, 2009 at 6:45pm
I know how to really fix our countries health care... We need to drop another 50 million people off the insurance.. So that there will be less waiting in lines and better over all health care for those fortunate enough to still have it. We could drop 100 million more people off the insurance and have absolutely Fantastic care for those fortunate enough to still have it. Doctors could make housecalls again.. It would be utopia.
Comment by Reggie on September 17, 2009 at 10:53pm
Damned politicians.


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