Our love was the sun.

Its fire so great it shone across time.
Then in a flare it grew colder and died, collapsing inside me until nothing remained but a black hole sucking everything that once was into a deep oblivion.


You are my mirage

The last thing I see before I die, a fleeting dream slipping from my memory.
I reach but you are too far.
I scream but there is no sound
I’m cut but I don’t bleed

Save me from this torture of loss


Love is an illusion A game we like to play in which everyone loses.
This idea is a poison, making us believe that we are capable of something more than ourselves,
When all you’re left with is an unfathomable amount of emptiness and a darkness so vast that
you can see more when you close your eyes then opening them and finding your love


#1: I mean it’s only real because without an object you won’t have a reflection, but what is an object without reflection? It is nothing. If no one sees you then you don’t exist, but if you don’t see what they see then you’re only real to them, not to you.

#2: This doesn’t make sense, like puling you closer while you’re pushing me away.

#3: I looked inside myself and I didn’t find light, I found darkness. Its from there we are created, darkness born into light. This is where I belong, in the void from nothing.


You try to act like them but you can never get it right

You speak their language but you still don’t know what they say.
You live in their world but you are not of it.
You observe their behavior and you will never understand.
You Are Not One Of Them.

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