You know when you think about it, all the things that god has done in the bible, it always boils down to him always needing something from people, think about it. God always needed something didn't he? Always commanding people to do stuff for him, "Save these people Jonah." "Save those people Mosses." "Do this, do that."
The only thing that God did himself, was himself, but again God need people to do that for him too didn't he? He need a vessel to make himself. And he made sure that the husband was out bustin' his ass tryin' to make a livein', while the Misses was sittin' on hers. Now I'm not sayin' that God is real, but you know, for an all powerful being, he sure needed inferior primates awfully allot. You know the same one that can make energy into fiscal matter and make the earth and so on, but he sure had a hard time to make himself into fiscal matter. So he needed a host....
Anyways not that God ever fell in love with one of his own creations, (No that would just be sick.) but he did it to save all the people on earth. (Ah, that makes sense. Reputation, it helps justify everything.) So looking back now at all this crap, I'm startin' to think that we 1up God at every turn. I mean we are approaching at an age that we don't really need God for anything, nor did we ever even need him at all. In fact I can't recall a single time that God ever answered my prayers, or mankind's for that matter, whenever we needed somethin'. We are approaching at an age where we can clone ourselves without a second person to aid. God needed a second person to aid him. Looks like we 1uped him there. When God becomes vengeful he hits us with earth quakes,
hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, scorching heat, freezing temperatures and diseases. So we capitalize on that with war, Nuclear war missiles, bombs and napalm, gas, torecher, oil spills and our own form of incurable diseases. 1uped him there too looks like.  How does that song go?... "Anything you can do I can do better..."

These are exciting times my friends, a time where we the people can play as Gods and Goddess.

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Comment by Hope on January 28, 2011 at 2:24pm

We have many stories of those poor ones who got lost in the desert and of course prayers don’t work with thim,, so they didnt survive.

 Interesting one>There is a story of a man who lost in the desert and he was excellent in communications engineering,, and he used his brain and he made a telegraph‏ by using electric stuff that he got... he survived because of his brain.... and if you told him you're lucky because you're smart,, he would say, thanks to God... LOL :)

Comment by God on January 29, 2011 at 10:05pm
Playing God is a sin!


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