dear ms.

roman catholic

secretary sebilius---

are you aware of what you have done to the young women

living within the borders of the

empire, today?

are you aware that your




have led you to stand in front of young women the nation over &

assert that they NOT be allowed

control of their bodies

in this supposed

“land of the free.”


as representatives of the empire maraud the earth

speaking on behalf of the “freedoms” that women have here,

the drug plan b is stopped from being readily available to

young women &

the fact that we all make mistakes

that we all have impulses from which if we are lucky

we can only learn from in


this is all thrown to the side.



mr. obama, who “was not involved in the process” of

reversing the FDA’s approval for plan b to be sold over the counter

now marches in line

following mr. bible-beating-bush

in the attempt to gain support from pro-lifers everywhere

by speaking of his own daughters

as if they will ever face the same struggles as other young women

in the same way.


as long as believers in this country have any sway

they will beat their drums as loud as possible

in hopes that all will get in line &

pop out kids like a pez dispenser

regardless of what the financial situation might be

in which a young single mother might have to raise it

regardless of whether a father is present or not

regardless of the young woman’s own future aspirations might have been

before she made one impulsive mistake

for which she now must abruptly halt her life completely

for the sake of









it’s obvious that women need a

plan C---

they need to be able to circumvent these legal proceedings

which aim at nothing more than stifling their ability to

gain agency in a world that is STILL

male dominated---

but as such a practice might be unsafe or harmful

they continue to suffer

oppressed within the so-called democracy

where their opinions are supposed to





is not a


that others make for


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