The last 48 hours or so on the #atheist twitter hash tag have been hilarious as wave after wave of fundamentalist came along for their mythmas hitchslap. And indeed many of the moments have been filled with the same level of face-palm inducing stupidity as those that Christopher Hitchens has had to endure in many of his interviews with fundamentalist hosts. But in a way I almost feel sorry for the fundies, after all the "debate" is rather one sided. Anything they throw into the pot turns into an instant sizzle from the bug zapper of reason.

This whole episode has driven home the other side of the coin, as it were, for me personally. Having been raised in a fundamentalist household I know what indoctrination is like, and how hard it was to overcome as I fought past it as a child. But to witness it from the other side of the debate I now feel a sorrow for those misled by these con-men in priests garb.

Not only is it an example of child abuse on a massive scale, but nearly every other form of mental ailment on top of that being inflicted upon all of it's members on a near constant basis. Surely for the moral and ethically minded this is nothing less than criminal in nature. How then do we preserve our freedoms but at the same time take measures to condemn such flagrant abuses?

I look forward to any feedback on this issue. I think I am going to begin seriously studying Stockholm Syndrome and deprogramming techniques used against brain washing just so I will know the very best way to handle these people without causing them to sink further into madness.

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