Philippine President, Catholic Church and Reproductive Health

There is an on-going debate here in the Philippines regarding the governments active action to curb out population increase. One major plan is to pursue the Reproductive Health Program, in which, the Department Of Health, will be giving out seminars to the less fortunate Filipinos about population, health and parenting. The government is urging the general public to support its programs. The Philippine President, also stated that he supports this plan because he views it as a major factor in the development of the country.

On the other hand, the catholic church and other organizations are against the said program because it violates the teachings of their bible. They are arguing that using birth control methods, like condoms, injectibles and other means of curbing pregnancy, are instruments of killing an unborn human, and stated that if the government does let the Reproductive Health passes the House of Congress, the President and those who supported this will be excommunicated.


The church and other established religions in my country still has the guts to do this. When they can't even tell their flocks to really learn about life? They can't even go out and visit a slum(specifically a priest) and live with the poor, and they also have the guts to ask for donations for the repair of the churches?

The Philippines, is still lagging behind in terms of economic improvement, and such government program is one of the most important bill that should be passed and put into law. The church in all its glory seeking schemes, is the first killer of humanity, they can't even feed the poor here. Threatening the Philippine President is sheer arrogance.

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Comment by Jessica Arcega on December 2, 2010 at 10:59am
i was very disappointed about this news when i heard it. as always, the almighty church wins over logic. and that "teaching of the bible" that they keep on using as a excuse is so irritating, tell me about major misinterpretation! i know what PNoy felt when he was threatened by the church. i got fired from my job because of my open support for the RH Bill. as long as the church or any religious organization meddle in the affairs of the government, our country will not grow. I just wish that there's someone brave enough and powerful enough to hush up those self righteous "people of god" and let them see the wrong in their teaching or if not how outdated they are!
Comment by Freeman Thinker on December 6, 2010 at 1:18pm
Outdated and mis educated too


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