I am at work and i just had an Indian man come in with a photo album full of pictures of "orphaned" children in India. He spoke very little English and relied mostly on the English writing on his "business card" that he pointed at several times to indicate that he was a minister. He also had the photos labeled in English so that above the pictures it said things like "orphan" and "parents deceased".... He only spoke English long enough to ask me for a donation to help these children. I am a push over so I gave him five dollars... and he immediately left even though I was trying to look at the pictures of the kids that I was supposedly donating to. I wish I would have given him one dollar instead of five. The sad thing is, if i knew for a fact that those kids would see that money or atleast have it spent on things they want or need, I would have given 20 or even 50 dollars (or more)  but because I unfortunately assume that my money will be spent on his family's dinner or on his church that preaches things I don't believe in.. I hesitated and only gave him a five.  I had a desire to say "I'm atheist" or "why doesn't god help these kids?" but i am not quite as heartless as I'd like to be sometimes. I just really hope that the kids get that money and that they don't listen to that preacher and that they realize that if god were real they wouldn't have the lives that they have. "We preach Christ crucified" along with his name, the church's name, address and phone number are the only things on the business card... I hope this guy Is "Christ-like".... and I hope I didn't just buy his next pack of cigarettes...

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Comment by Akshay Bist on April 14, 2011 at 8:53pm

I've seen a lot of such people here in India. They don't speak much & silently come up to you and hand you their pamphlet. Most of them are scamming you. My aunt told me once years ago, there was a huge landslide somewhere in the state & similar people collected donations. After a few days all the items they couldn't sell or didn't need were found in the drains. A bad experience I had with them was when I was at a coffee shop with a few friends. A lady came up to us & handed us the pamphlet but we refused to pay, then she left. After our coffee's came she came in again & this time got a donation from someone else & while leaving she softly slapped my friend on the back of his head muttering something about us being cheapskates or some other rubbish.

What I'd suggest is that don't pay such people. Instead if you want to donate find an actual charity and help them. Anyone can print out a pamphlet, photos & put an official looking stamp on it.

Comment by Sarah Emmaly Burgett on April 15, 2011 at 11:43am
Yeah, I know... I really feel like I got scammed.. that's sad. Some people are pathetic and terrible... it's a shame. Atleast I learned something haha. Thank you for sharing your story!


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