Well, I used to feel lucky that I had no major complications with my friends and family when I came out Atheist. But, 15 minutes after Obama was re-elected I was defriended on Facebook by my cousin and her husband. I honestly could have cared less about my cousin's husband since he is quite stand offish and the only time I ever see him is at the dinner table on Xmas night (he spends the rest of the day alone in the basement watching tv). However, when my cousin did it, I'll admit, it hurt. I guess her excuse is that she doesn't want to be friends with people who don't share her values. It's pretty sad since there are ways of blocking certain posts, etc... The worst part about all this is she used to be a Protestant Xtian but converted to Mormonism when she got married. My entire protestant family was so mad and scared for her. They thought she was buying a one way ticket to Hell (and they probably still do). The only two people in my entire family who supported her decision was my Atheist brother and I, also an Atheist. When my mom tried to use this defense with my Aunt my Aunt just said, "Well, at least they both (my cousin and her husband) still believe in a god." Quite and ignorant response for such a loving act. I think all of their beliefs are crazy but you'll never hear me put down their beliefs to their faces. They're family and that kind of attitude shouldn't infiltrate the family dynamic and it's just so absolutely sad that this kind of attitude can come from me voting for the wrong person or not believing in the same gods that someone else does. They're both such non issues when it come to family and it is just so hard for me to believe that people can be like this. My anger has since subsided and now I just feel sorry for them that they could be so narrow minded and ignorant. I especially feel sorry for their 3 young kids, one of which has a rather serious brain disorder. When I voted I feel like I voted for this family where Obamacare and stem cell research can help their sick child, Lily Ledbetter for my cousin who is also a teacher and will now have more opportunities to work, her husband who works in the auto industry which has been resurrected by Obama, and expanded Pell Grants for all three kids (and likely more) to be able to afford a college education.

I apologize if this just sounds like puke but I didn't have anything planned out, I just needed to put it out there. It's hard to talk to anyone about this since it seems that the majority of my family thinks I'm just the scum of the Earth for voting for Obama. Thanks for reading!

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Comment by Cody Robinson on November 13, 2012 at 3:48am

I had to talk about it somewhere. I'm so glad this site exists! I reposted it in discussions because I didn't think it would get as much traffic here. But, thanks for reading! It's always nice to know that I have a large group of supporters out there which is why this site is so great!


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