Every person in this world always ask the question, "What is our purpose on this world?" it is usually preceded by "What is my purpose in this world?"


Those two questions have been debated and thought out by men and women throughout history. I am posting a theory on our purpose and being, but merely attempting to change the mindset in which we try to answer the question.


For example, let us take a look at cicadas. These irritating insects come around every 13 (or 17 depending on the region) years. We often ask, "What is their purpose?" We tend to perceive them as a generalization as a pest that makes deafening noise and offers nothing to its environment.


To the cicada, their purpose is to propagate their species. They emerge from their casings, grab a bite to eat, mate, and die. Their larvae continue on, underground for 13 or 17 years, and the process starts anew.


Let us now, back up the microscope. In terms of its ecosystem, the cicada emerges from under the trees. These holes allow for more moisture and nutrients to get to the roots, which is beneficial to the tree.


Some may see the cicada as a pest to a tree considering the cicada feeds off the sap in the trees. The cicada though lays its eggs in the branches of trees. The weak branches will die and break off from the constant strain of being injected with eggs. This is also beneficial to the tree because the tree does not need to worry about sending nutrients and energy to those branches.


Finally, the cicada is an abundant food source for a lot of animals. Birds, rodents, dogs, cats, and even some people enjoy eating cicadas. They are rich in nutrients and protein. In turn, animals that eat cicadas are usually eaten by other animals. I guess you can call it the circle of life, but the cicada does serve a useful purpose to its environment.


OK, we get it, Matt, but what does that have to do with human beings?


I answer: everything. Most people have postulated that the human race is nothing but a sophisticated virus. We consume our resources and destroy our ecosystems and environments. I say this though: even a virus has its purpose.


While viruses are usually regarded as something you don't want; they can be helpful. As we look at them, we can see how they replicate and their genetic makeup. This can lead to advances in medicine. We use them for flu shots and the smallpox vaccine.


Now, to my main point. In order to find our purpose, we need to back up the microscope and see how the big picture works. We see other creatures' purpose because we are outside their realm. We can see how they interact and their effects on their environment and see a purpose.


Sure, we can see how our actions effect our environment in terms of global warming, cutting down rainforests, or spilling millions of gallons of oil into the ocean. Is that our purpose though? To error and fix? Or is there something more we have not seen yet?




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