People who deny the existence of god...

Does this not seems a little loaded to you? Every time, without fail, I listen to a news program refer to atheists, the language used is always degrading or dismissive. I was just listening to one of the videos on this site, and statements like "There are even atheist summer camps!" are past off without notice. Really! Wow! An group of people started a summer camp!. What nut jobs.

Edit: Been watching some Sam Harris and his views of not calling ourself atheists and, although I find it difficult to do practicably, I think that this really is the corner of speech and semantics that the "intellectually misguided" have found us in. This comvex of speech is really something of our own doing, but letting ourselves be labels as such. We don't have a name for people that condemn torture, slavery and equal rights for woman other then damn good people... we need to be, speech and verbiage-wise, lumped in with these. For no better reason that I'm sure that all here show these traits...

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Comment by John on February 1, 2009 at 3:39pm
Impression. What do children hear when they hear this coming out of the TV? It's the same way that FOX news get away with how they talk about science and religion.

"apart from all atheists standing up en masse to refuse to be referred to as atheists in favor of another name, it's not going to change"

You are very correct, but is this not what need to happen? And why for another name? We don't want any name other then "person that comes to conclusions based on reason and evidence" In several of Harris' talks, he speaks out about "confronting bad ideas and dogma wherever we find it" but doing so "under the radar". I honestly cant think of one other great change in the moral zeitgeist that did not take a great force. We need the kind of 'pressure' that other entities entitle themselves to.
Comment by Sniz on February 3, 2009 at 2:47pm
I really hate how we are portrayed as those who deny something. Maybe I'll start referring to religious people as those who deny atheism, or logical thought, or any common sense.

In response to the Harris comment, I think we just need remove the dirtiness of the word "atheist." It has worked for other minorities. We can't just keep coming up with more names to hide behind. I have personally be trying to be less afraid to refer to myself as "atheist" in the public sphere, and it feels good (prob the topic of my next blog...).

Good post John, and I must say, I am impressed by your writing style!


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