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Muslim historian says Hussain was killed in the battle of Karbala. First historian Abu Mukhanif was born after the incident of Karbala. Second main historian of this incident is Ibn Jarir al-Tibri. He wrote islamic history 280 or 290 years after the Karbala. Before that it was just a verbal story.

Hussein & his few followers didn’t accepted the Caliphate of Umayyad they said it’s like a kingship & Umayyad caliph is not a pious man because he was not following the basic rules of Islam. Hussain followers said only prophet family can rule the Arab that’s why they provoked imam Hussein & he travelled to Iraq from Saudi Arabia then he was stopped by Umayyad’s army near Euphrates river & was killed with his family members. Only a few were left.

After fifty years of his death his supporters took the revenge of his death & destroyed Umayyad dynasty. They also led the foundation of Abbasids Caliphate. Abbasids advised prophet family members who remained safe during Karbala to rule the Muslim state but they refused. They were given full protection & support. This thing became the foundation of Shia Islam.

According to Shia Islam their Imam (Main Leader) is chosen by God. Only Prophet family member can be the imam of Shia sect. their first Imam was Ali the cousin & son in law of Muhammad. After Ali's death his son was chosen as Imam after his death Hussain was chosen the imam by his few companions. They were the example of family politics. But as Umayyad caliph Muavia choose his son as a successor. It was considered illegitimate.

This time Iran is a Shia state where Islamic Shia religion is being practiced. As we know there women are suffering every month we listen strange news about the women of Iran. In Shia Islamic state there are no rights for gays & lesbians. Freedom of expression is considered a crime many people have been punished under the Iranian sharia law. Everybody can check the violation of human rights in Iran online. Including other Shias around the world Iranian Shias consider themselves the true lovers of prophet they giving the same rights to their women which Muhammad practiced.

Now as the Islamic New Year starts. Muslims especially Shia Muslims from all over the world start mourning remembering the death of Hussain. In Pakistan it becomes the situation of Curfew for 10 days. People especially Shia people come on roads & beat themselves with knives & chains. Same thing happens in Iraq Syria Iran & many other Muslim countries. They weep for the family of prophet but they never weep for those women who are being tortured & killed with the blessing off sharia law in Muslim world. For centuries these people are mourning by saying that Umayyad Caliphate was corrupt but they never raise their voice against corruption in their own countries. During such processions kids are tortured happily in the memory of prophet family on the other side Islam is the religion of peace etc..

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Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on October 13, 2016 at 1:32pm

Muslims celebrate Ashura with displays of sadomasochism similar to many Christians at Easter. (Contains images of blood soaked followers).


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