"P.C. Religion" - by Nick Edelstein, sung by Gray Sartin

I played this song with Nick a couple times when I was his rhythm guitarist, but now it's been recorded, and although the mastering's a bit rough, it is freakin' awesome (no, I did not play on this recording... my brother Aaron did do the drums, however, so make sure to listen to them)!


I was down in Atlanta on a Sunday eve tryin to
pick up some liquor but I could not percieve why the
sign in the window said no liquor sold, and I
realized on Sundays no al-cho-hol was sold and I said

P.C. religion comin’ down from capitol hill …
’cause if they ain’t made no law about it, you can bet they will.

I was still in school and in the marching band. I used to
march my trombone across this holy land. One year the
4th of July parade was held on the 5th because you know
the Fourth was a Sunday. That ain’t no lie. You know that

P.C. religion comin’ down from capitol hill …
’cause if they ain’t made no law about it, you can bet they will.

Well I was up in the mountains talkin’ to some people ya know we
get along real well ’cause they like my people and my
Southern fried religion, comin’ down from hea-ven. You know that
Southern fried religion keeps me going twenty-four seven

I should say that I have no idea if Nick's an atheist or not, and actually, if I had to guess, I'd say he was NOT an atheist. I know he grew up Jewish and identifies as Jewish, but I have no idea if he's a religious Jew or a cultural Jew. That said, this is definitely a great song, whether or not he's an atheist.

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