Interesting article about Paul Haggis (Academy Award winning director of "Crash") leaving Scientology. I stumbled upon this here and I have to say that this reporting style caters to my tastes, so be forewarned before you click. There are pictures of beautiful women kissing each other. It will make sense when you read it. Or not. I didn't care, I was just happy to see it.

Haggis said he was furious that Scientology endorsed Prop 8 banning gay marriage in California, but the final straw was watching the head of Scientology on CNN denying that they force members to alienate friends and family who aren’t members.

In his letter, Haggis says:

To see you lie so easily, I am afraid I had to ask myself: what else are you lying about?

My, isn't that a thought many an atheist has thought when they hit a moment where they realized their religion was not as infallible as it claimed? Will Haggis find the bitter and sweet embrace of reality or will he seek out another opiate?

And, did you see those girls kissing? Maybe there is a god?

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Comment by Morgan Matthew on October 26, 2009 at 11:51pm


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